Mom Strong 21 Day Program

"I Suffered From "Accidental Leakage" For Years…This One Gentle Movement Stopped The Problem Dead in it’s Tracks!"

I started my health and fitness journey after I struggled for years and years to have success with diets and workout programs. So I immediately started to figure out the exact formula that helped myself and others to get the body of our dreams. I did it…I finally had the body I’d always wanted, and continued to help others reach their fitness goals. 

That was until I entered the beautiful part of motherhood, pregnancy. Little did I know in the beginning that it was going to ruin my body and possibly my fitness career that I had worked so hard for. 

Then came the aftermath of baby Sage who I love so dearly…I was struggling to heal my abs, maintain my strength, and my pelvic floor crumbled. I began to research, experiment, and learn everything I needed to know to restore my body post pregnancy, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, I found the perfect formula that not only restored my body to where it was pre baby, but my core and pelvic floor was stronger than EVER! 

And here I am…down the same road again! My baby boy is due soon, and he’s causing even more pelvic floor issues than my first due to how low he’s sitting. After going through my first pregnancy, and now another one, I want nothing more than to make sure that ALL you Mom’s out there know exactly what to do pre-pregnancy, and post pregnancy, even if it’s been 20 years! 

I’m here to help YOU do the right exercises at the right time, rebuild your core and pelvic floor, stop you from peeing your pants, and finally get that pre-baby body back! So let’s do it! TOGETHER!

NOTE: In addition to core healing most women experience more than 10 lbs of weight loss. If you don’t more than 10 lbs to lose please keep that in mind. 

SURPRISINGLY it all starts with fixing the same group of tiny hidden muscles deep in your pelvic region. 

We refer to this as your pelvic floor and want you to think of like the foundation of a house. If you don’t build it house on a sturdy foundation it will eventually topple over and crumble right? 

Well your pelvic floor is no different. It is literally the foundation of your core strength. And for so many of us out there…it is weak and in a state of disrepair…and just like the house I mentioned your body is CRUMBLING all around it. 

AND GUESS WHAT….even if you don’t suffer from that now, if you don’t strengthen that little group of muscles, you will likely end up suffering from one day in the future. 

 It’s leading reason why a lot of the people you know that are getting older have to wear diapers. 

 And for you ladies that have a man that you care about, well they should be doing these same exercises too because the one of the leading causes of prostate cancer in men is a weak pelvic floor believe it or not. So don’t be afraid to show that special man in your life what I am going to show you today because it very well could be the difference in him having prostate cancer some day…

 Not only do they not coach how to fix it (and its easy to fix naturally) but they also don’t teach us how to prevent. And pretty much every other major country out there it is STANDARD care to provide simple exercises and stretches that you can do pre AND post child birth to prevent it. 

 Well it is NOT too late…even if its been a decade or more….you can heal your core in just a few weeks!

So, why is it that they don’t take the time to teach us like they do in Sweden, or Germany, or any other major country besides America? 

The short answer is I have no clue, I could guess that it’s just laziness or ignorance, but the truth is I don’t know. 

"But whatever the reason is it has really inspired me to create this movement and do something to change it! I can’t just sit by and watch so many women spinning their wheels to fix something they just don’t know how to fix. Seeing mom after mom say “I just can’t get rid of this pooch no matter what I do”. Or friends sitting around talking about how they wet their pants on the trampoline or when they just laughed a funny joke…."

After Sage was born I was a wreck… I vividly remember laying on my yoga mat and just breaking down into tears. I had just tried to workout and I not only peed my pants but also just felt like I would never be back to where I was…Not to mention…being a fitness professional I am always worried about how I look and especially how I feel about myself.  

It was crazy but I had no idea how to heal my core to a point where the gap would close and I would feel comfortable jumping again… 

So all I did for the next 6 months was RESEARCH, EXPERIMENT and fail…. Yes fail. I failed so many times in trying to create a system for myself that actually worked.

But the good news is my failure is your gain. I spent so many hours figuring out what worked and didn’t work that I would consider myself an EXPERT in the art of not peeing my pants lol. 

So as my knowledge and experience grew, so did my skillset and success… Not just for myself but for my clients as well. I started to…