Move Circuit of Change

Find Out The Secret That Has Students Around The World Losing 3 Pounds A Week And Finding Peace Of Mind, With Massive Results In Only 30 DAYS

Yes, You Read It Right: Drop Up To 10+ Pounds AND Develop The Most SOUL- SATISFYING Relationship With Your Body You’ve Ever Had… All In One Short Month!

Let’s be honest… We all WANT to get in the best shape of our lives, and just as important we NEED to breathe through the crappy pressures we encounter on a daily basis. That’s a fact!

With Circuit of Change you get NOT ONLY the sculpting, stamina and surge of endorphins that come with high-intensity workouts, but the peace, tranquility, and personal empowerment of a meditative practice.

Transformational Coach Mind Body Expert NCAA ALL-AMERICAN Gymnast Big Ten Champion Gymnast Iron Man Triathlete

I know the feeling of wanting to find the right workout that 100% guarantees results. I also know how it feels to try so many different things that it becomes obsessive AND time consuming!

At one point I was so desperate to feel and see a change in my mind and body that I belonged to 4 different gyms at once. I was trying everything! And while I was spending hundreds of dollars per month, I was still hitting a plateau with my workouts. I just didn’t see results.

I put together a fusion of the disciplines I knew — gymnastics, mixed martial arts, yoga — and gave myself a workout that challenged my mind, calmed my spirit, and changed my body.

A system that combined tribal sequencing and high intensity intervals with fluid stretches and continuous breath.

I created a system that allowed me to explore my body’s ability to move in new and different ways.

Within a month, I not only dropped a bunch of weight, most of which was body fat — I also found myself thinking more clearly, freed of the mental fuzz and burnout I’d accepted as the norm. And for the first time in along time, I felt like a star athlete again.

Before I recognized all these changes, I was just like you. Trying to figure it all out. Trying to find the special remedy to lose weight and feel good. Trying to tell myself I loved my body, but never testing its limits, never feeling like I was living at full capacity.

This is your perfect workout: the one that makes you powerful mentally and physically, the one that increases your self-love, and the one that decreases your pant size each month.

I’ll tell you : like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Because of the proven method behind Circuit of Change, I have become a sought after movement expert on weight loss and personal growth and I’ve seen over 50,000 students gain massive results worldwide.

I travel the globe offering classes, trainings, and workshops. I’ve been featured in over two dozen publications.

This Is A Never Before Seen Type Of Mind body Training The Most Unique & Innovative Method For MASSIVE CALORIE BURN And PEACE OF MIND

– Jaclyn Streitfeld-Hall, Research and Publications Officer, New York, NY. – Ian Hall, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, New York, NY

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Brian’s Special 30 Minute CORE VideoA Low-impact, High-Intensity Workout That Focuses On Breath, Balance, And Core Strength

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A: The Circuit of Change program is designed with all levels of fitness in mind. Beginners will build stamina and endurance, while pro athletes will find their limits tested. And beginners have a unique advantage: the opportunity to experience dramatic change in your body and mind! Beginners consistently tell us that they’re finding strength, peace, and joy in movement that they never thought was possible — just check out the testimonials. As a fitness beginner, you’re not alone — and you’re about to enter a relationship with your body that will absolutely change your life. We’re so excited to have you here!

A: Our core recommendation: listen to your body. At the Circuit of Change studio, we have pros working out twice a day and beginners coming in once a week. But we think the sweet spot for most people is every other day, or 3-4 times a week. With that level of consistent training, you’re guaranteed to see real results without burning out — and to stay motivated by the positive change you’ll experience in body and mind. But let’s be clear: your body and your mind are already capable of much more than you believe. So challenge yourself. Come in strong. Leave it all on the mat. This workout is for you, so don’t get complacent — you are ever-evolving, and believe me, you are capable of wonders.

A: Our intro video and technique demo are intended to get you up to speed with the Circuit of Change movement vocabulary, and can be referred back to at any time if you want to check your form. Beyond that, the workouts are designed to challenge and connect the whole body, every time — no arm day / leg day baloney here (sorry, traditional exercise videos). Mix and match and keep surprising yourself. You’re good!

A: With the Circuit of Change system, you’ll be seeing and feeling results from day one — our students finish their workouts with an endorphin boost you wouldn’t believe (and that you’ll start craving, just wait and see!). Calmer mind, clearer skin, leaner, stronger body — the results build over time, and we encourage you to track not just the physical benefits (believe us, you’ll see ’em!) but the mental and spiritual ones too!

A: Circuit of Change isn’t a diet — but as we all know, what you give your body directly affects what your body gives you! Your intro package includes plant-based…