My Story – One Woman’s Journey With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Above: Val Moffat, today, talks about her story and e-book. WMV format, please allow time to load or click here to download.

Valerie Moffat was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis in May 1981. Her world was turned upside down: she faced the possibility of becoming a permanently, severely disabled person as the disease progressed. 85,000 people suffer from Multiple Sclerosis in the UK alone: Scotland, where Val lives, has the highest incidence of MS sufferers in the world.

Val assumed that the double vision, stumbling and continual tiredness she had felt since her childhood were normal parts of everyday life – things common to everyone. It was only after her daughter’s seventh birthday party, when difficulty with breathing along with pins and needles became almost unbearable that she was checked into a hospital and diagnosed with MS.

She found it increasingly difficult to cope with the tiredness and unsteadiness of MS after her diagnosis as time passed and the condition worsened until one day in 1983.

Performing every day activities became a feat: a plight familiar to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers all over the world. Life became a struggle for her and the condition put a strain on her relationships with those around her.

After spending two years struggling with the disease, she was ready to try anything to help in her battle with the condition.

She had made simple changes to her lifestyle that relieved the terrible symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, without the need for any medication!

At present, there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Valerie’s unique discovery did not cure her MS, and her book does not contain a cure for the disease. Instead, it contains a plan to be followed that helps the body keep the symptoms of the disease under control. Val Moffat had discovered a highly simply way of controlling the disease’s symptoms without expensive medication that often have unwanted side effects.

For people with MS, the story is different. The immune system is working double time. Even the smallest exposure to toxic substances tax the immune system. And since most people don’t know where these toxins lie, or which substances are, they can’t avoid them.

Today, Valerie Moffat’s quality of life has improved remarkably thanks to her unique findings:

Val and her husband travelled to London, Oxford, Yeovil and even Cumbria performing tests and teaching people their secret.

After these tests, the people they had tested made the necessary changes to their lifestyles and many began seeing results similar to Val’s!

Eventually, Val and her husband had tested several hundred people. They correlated the information and noticed a constant trend in their findings. From this, Valerie wrote out a plan that could be followed by all people living with MS.

"My Story: One Woman’s Journey With MS" is the life story of Valerie Moffat, MS sufferer, walking due to an extraordinary discovery after months in a wheelchair . It is a compelling story in which she shares her secret and is available for $15.99 as a 180 page+ PDF.

Filled with heart warming anecdotes, it provides a first hand insight into living with MS that will ring home with anyone familiar with the condition.

Val Moffat’s book is ideal for people who care for those with MS. By helping to alleviate many of the symptoms of MS, people with Multiple Sclerosis can regain much of their independence, providing relief for carers.

If you’ve asked this question, you’re already skeptical about Valerie’s book and her claims. Now imagine you were given the book for free, and followed her plan for 1 or 2 weeks and saw no improvement. You would most likely give up, and some of the people Val tried to help did give up after a short period time, and wrote off a chance at happiness in the process!

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