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A slow jog around the rink and 10 minutes of stretching simply isn’t an effective warm-up. This blueprint will show you why.

"The HTU Off-Ice Performance Training Course effectively covers all areas of off-ice team training. Kevin has done an excellent job of condensing a lot of information into a product that is easy to understand and implement. I have used many of the presented warm-up exercises with my athletes with success for years and added some of the novel exercises to my current programs. This course will be an excellent resource for hockey coaches of all levels that are looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their off-ice program." Chris Boyko Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Massachusetts at Amherst

"Kevin Neeld has pulled together a fantastic resource that provides excellent, up-to-date information in an understandable format. This would be a great investment for any hockey coach; I can’t say enough great things about it." Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS President – Cressey Performance

“The HTU E-course is one of the best off-ice training educational tools I’ve ever come across. The progression of workouts ensures that players will continuously improve their strength, speed and agility. Through a variety of exercises, the monotony of dry land practices will be over and players will look forward to coming together as a team to train. Coaches, players and parents will see the results in attitude and performance. If you’re looking for a more effective method to implement off-ice practices into your team’s routine, this is it.” Joseph Azzarello Assistant Coach, Men’s Ice Hockey University of Delaware

"Whether you are a hockey coach at the youth, junior, or collegiate level, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Hockey Training U’s “Off-Ice Performance Training Course”. Kevin has put together a resource that can teach a coach with NO training experience how to put together off-ice training programs for their athletes. With everything from training progressions to nutritional discussions, it is truly a comprehensive one stop shop, with every thing you need to know to prepare your players to perform at their best. The best part about this manual, is that Kevin speaks on a level that anyone can comprehend. High quality information has never been so easy to implement. Kevin has combined his years of hockey playing experience and "in the trenches" work training hockey players to create a product of unsurpassed quality. No hockey coach should be without it.” Brian St. Pierre, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist

Okay Kevin, I’m In. How much? Save thousands of dollars! In an ideal world, every team would have a well-qualified athletic development coach working with them. Except for the top-tier junior, collegiate, and professional organizations, this is just not financially possible. I’ve charged over $2,000 for one week of off-ice training in certain circumstances. Even at $50/hour (as cheap as GOOD trainers come), an organization is likely to pay over $2,000 EVERY season! To acquire this knowledge on your own, it’d cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in college courses, and countless hours of your time. This entire course is only $197 $97 $47! Even at $197 it’d be a steal. I was originally willing to give it to you for half-price because I believe so strongly in the quality of this information and the ease of its application that I don’t want price to be a barrier for any coach. Not only will you save yourself thousands of dollars this season, but you will save yourself thousands EVERY season by continuing to apply the strategies you learn from this course.

So why the extra $50 off? I recently received an email from a 12-year old hockey player in upstate New York. In the interest of anonymity, we’ll call him “Future Crosby”. Future Crosby told me he’d been reading my website and really liked the information. He asked if I had any recommendations for him regarding hockey training programs to help him become stronger and faster.

Of course I do! That’s my specialty. When I asked if Future Crosby had read my Off-Ice Performance Training Course, he said no, but he’d love to check it out. A couple days later he sent me another message and said he was going to start saving up his own money now so that he could buy it. I have to tell you, I was EXTREMELY impressed with his attitude. Having paid for almost all of my equipment my whole life, I can relate to having to save money for a long period of time to get something you really want.

It really got me thinking. It never occurred to me that there would be young players saving up their allowance and yardwork money to invest in their own development!

So for Future Crosby, and all the other truly dedicated hockey players and coaches out there, I’m offering my Off-Ice Performance Training Course for only $47! Is there a catch? Nope! It’s prettyy simple. By delivering this digitally over the internet I’m able to: