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My motivation for writing this ebook is to help you achieve all the above outcomes and for you to love this very important career.

Nice work. It seems to sum up some very important facts that you just don’t learn about in your ‘schooling years’. I think only years of clinical and top level treatment teams could pass this on!Soft Tissue Therapist James Barker Canberra

Rob has an Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) from RMIT University, Melbourne and has 23 years experience in Soft Tissue Therapy within the Australian Sports Medicine Multidisciplinary Model. Since 1992, he has delivered over 30 conference presentations within Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

Rob was a contributor to the textbook Clinical Sports Medicine by Dr. P. Brukner and Dr. K. Khan, which is now in its 3rd revised edition and has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide. He is co-founder of the Australasian College of Soft Tissue Therapy and is the only Soft Tissue Therapist on the editorial board of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Rob is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been head of Massage Therapy/Soft Tissue Therapy/Myotherapy for:

Rob was also a member of the Australian Olympic team for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, as a Massage Therapist. He is currently in private practice in Melbourne and is a teacher in the Myotherapy Department at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.

I am small in physical size but I was able to work full time in this industry for over 20 years and generate a 6 figure business for most of those years.

I travelled to England, USA, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia and to most states of Australia either treating or teaching.

I have worked with so many wonderful people from multiple Olympic gold medalists and world champions (able bodied and disabled alike) to inspirational mums and dads who devote their lives to caring for others even when suffering themselves from significant physical impairments.

I believe I have developed ways to maximize my physical efficiency and psychological wellbeing to stay healthy in body and mind to thrive in what can potentially be a very stressful occupation.

Our Guide is easy to read, easy to follow that can turn your business quickly around from a hard daily grind to a rewarding, profitable and highly satisfying occupation.

Do you want to be highly valued by your patients and clients, acknowledged by other health professionals and personally satisfied and fulfilled? Then this ebook is for you.

What if we could help secure your income, safeguard your body, relax and yet propel yourself forward with more confidence and certainty to thrive and shine in this fantastic industry?

What if you could finish your working day with a smile on your face and with sufficient extra energy to do more physical activities after a working day like playing with your family or getting out and doing another activity which brings you great joy and satisfaction?

Seek Strong and Effective Guidance: Find a Mentor Who Has Already Achieved What You Strive to Achieve

Learn how critical your decisions can be in getting the right advice from quality mentors to either bringing you closer and faster to your goals or waste valuable time and money.

Learn how to establish a strong belief that what you are doing is of profound importance, this is vital to your success

“Optimizing your technique will improve your efficiency, drastically reduce your risk of injury, and reduce excessive load on your body”

Many self-help books for therapists focus mainly on flexibility. The maintenance of ideal flexibility is important; however, consider that you may be getting tight through:

If we shift the focus to fixing these issues, we will hopefully resolve many of your overload symptoms.

We will go through each of the major joints that are vulnerable to overload and learn to minimise the stress though ideal joint posture and efficiency of technique.

You will learn to be alert for early warning signs of excessive intensity at all times and you will be encouraged to stop immediately and examine what you are doing and plan a better strategy.

“Do you want to: reduce injury, increase work enjoyment, and maximize your output–your efficiency?”

There is simply no point in resolving someone’s problem if it comes at a cost—specifically an injury—to you.

You will learn simple and effective patient positional methods to achieve change with minimal effort on you the therapist. The interscapular region, the pectoralis minor and major, the tensor fascia lata and anterior hip fascia, the distal vastus lateralis and iliotibial band, the hamstring group and the adductor longus and the adductor fascia will all be covered in detail.

You will benefit so much, in many different ways, if you get a regular treatment from other skilled therapists. If you are not doing this you are missing a massive opportunity to learn so many treatment and practice building skills

Would you like to learn ways to resolve your patients’ problems without creating problems in your own body?

You will learn how vacuum cupping can be an ideal tool to offload your body and provide valuable and effective treatment to mobilize the myofascial system. You will learn how to minimize bruising with this technique.

The life of a therapist can be an isolated one. How do you manage to stay happy and healthy while maintaining a high workload level (50+ patients per week or whatever your load is)?

You will encouraged to complete a “PRACTICE ANALYSIS DATA SHEET” to answer and clarify the following questions that are vitally important for your business and personal success.

Completion of the “PRACTICE ANALYSIS DATA SHEET” can help to take a snapshot of where your business is at the moment and steer it where you would like it to go in the future.

I hope you stay wonderfully healthy through your entire professional career. However, if you ever need help when you are injured…