Supreme String Secrets – Master Your Violin

No more hoping you play well today or any other day. You’ll learn – in a matter of minutes – how to control your violin or viola in a way that’ll make playing at your maximum potential so normal for you that you wouldn’t want to put it down.

The Supreme String Secrets reveals 6 small, yet pivotal switches that will make it effortless for you to triumph in any playing situation.

You’ll never have to worry about having an uneven tone again. There are ways to get a near-perfect tone from your strings, and you will learn them. The result? A silk-smooth sound that you usually hear from musicians with a room full of certificates and accolades, all in your hands. The simple principles that can fine-tune the sound coming from your instrument into an incredible marvel. Two incredibly effective principles will help you improve the way your instrument sounds by leaps and bounds, even if you already have great tone.

Injuries won’t just be a thing of the past… They’ll be a faint memory, and good riddance to them all. Inside the Supreme String Secrets, you’ll learn the only method to make your body naturally fall into place, where you won’t run into any injuries like many musicians inevitably experience.

Ever played a piece of music and hear people describe it as "bland", or "lacking emotion"? You’ll develop such a connection to your instrument that you’ll be able to captivate anyone and sway them to tears, rage, or bliss with your playing – simply because of how natural and easy it feels to you. Playing your best will be a breeze.

Everyone wants to play fast, because it not only sounds amazing and impressive, but it demonstrates freedom with your instrument. However, it can be especially difficult to play fast on a violin or other string family instruments. You’ll discover how to tighten up your playing, and get your speed up – even if it’s a small burst. Even better, your speed will steadily increase as you practice… and require even less practice as before.

Many musicians learn to control their instruments after years and years of learning and practice. However, in addition to being able to supercharge your progress, you’ll be able to feel totally comfortable while controlling your violin. Some people have said that the price of skillfully maneuvering your instrument is a bit of bodily discomfort. Imagine what it would be like being able to play like your music idol… while feeling like it’s all just child’s play.

Everything he says is on point and solid. Everything. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t find anything that didn’t deliver.

It just makes playing SO MUCH easier! It’s crazy how my violin teacher didn’t know anything about these secrets herself.

I’m skeptical about new, non-traditional ideas like these, but when I see my students’ skills take off, it’s hard to argue. I’ve been delighted by them.