The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit!

"I used the first crappie catching trick Joel showed me and caught this beauty. I’m amazed by how well his techniques continue to work… I’ve never caught so many big ones!" Jim Duel Mountain View, CA

A single heart-breaking event occurred, forcing a man to catch crappie in the wilderness by any means necessary… for 3 years straight!

"Crippled U.S. Marine Reveals Deadly Crappie Fishing Secrets Anyone Can Use To Slam Huge Slabs Of Crappie… In Any Body Of Water… In Any Season… Without Expensive Equipment… Even If You’re Fishing From A Wheelchair!"

… and his brilliant techniques will give you the "inside edge" in any spot… so your buddies beg to know your secrets!

The story I’m about to tell you contains the most important crappie fishing secret you’ve ever heard… and it might even change your life:

When the landmine exploded, and the shrapnel ripped into U.S. Marine (and master crappie fisherman) Joel Adam’s legs… his life changed forever.

As he lay broken and bleeding on the battle-torn ground of Grenada, he could only think of friends and family… his long hard life of "surviving", and…

At that moment, he would have given anything to be in his favorite fishing spot… hauling in a "barn door sized" 3½ pound crappie with his buddies — like he’d been doing his whole life.

You see, Joel Adams was "born" with a crappie rod in his hand. I mean this literally because…

It’s a safe bet that any lady who goes into labor while she’s fishing, probably teaches her son to catch fish before he can walk.

A bag of tricks stuffed with old country crappie fishing techniques, strategies, and secrets handed down through generations of survivalists and master fishermen.

His parents came from an inner crappie fishing brotherhood… and the inside secrets they taught Joel made him a fishing "prodigy" at a young age.

But teaching Joel about fishing was about the only positive thing they did for him.

When the abuse got bad enough, he ran away. He decided he’d have a better chance out in the wilderness… alone.

… and that’s when his skill for catching monster crappie shot to another level completely.

When you’re living in the wilderness at 13 years old… in a small tent… scared and alone… and the only thing you really know how to do is catch fish — you do it.

… and when you’re not getting a single bite, you’ve gotta get "creative" — especially when you’re getting hungry.

Joel was forced to modify his techniques… doctor-up his baits… learn how a crappie thinks.

He discovered unique methods of triggering strikes, even when it seemed nothing would work.

Quitting wasn’t an option. Joel went to any means necessary to catch his next meal.

Now, I’m not saying he broke the law… I’m just saying that some of Joel’s best techniques are so sneaky, so ruthless… and so effective for hauling in huge crappie — that the department of fish and game doesn’t know enough to shut them down.

My guess is: if they knew about a few of his "dirtier" techniques, they’d ban ’em immediately.

Luckily most of his stuff is just super sneaky, and perfectly legal. (But his "dark side" crappie fishing tactics are here if you want them. Use them at your own risk…)

Bottom line: his secrets work like gangbusters. Joel is living proof of this because…

But she knew he couldn’t keep going like that. So she had her "friends" pull some strings to get him into the Marine Corps a little "early"… on Joel’s secret death wish.

He was an emotionally damaged kid… and he dreamed of getting killed in the military, so he could die a hero.

They said he’d never walk again, but the same determination he used to survive in the wild — even in the bleakest conditions — gave him the will and strength to walk again.

His Navy career took him fishing all across the United States — from east to west, and all over the world — including the Mideast and Europe… and even to the mighty Amazon River.

He became a student of fishing again. He made it his primary "R&R mission" to seek out the local fishing gurus in every location he visited… and get their inside secrets for catching the local species.

…and every time he got back to the U.S., he’d carefully tweak and test these new techniques… on crappie!

(Joel knows all game fish are predators. Whether it’s a crappie, a bass, a carp, a walleye, or a speckled trout… and all predators have certain tendencies you can exploit.)

In fact, he created dozens of completely unique methods for catching crappie — simply by modifying the techniques and presentations he discovered around the world.

So he crawled deeper inside the mind of a crappie when studying for his Masters Degree in Biology. (He used his G.I. bill to go to college…)

And he used this knowledge to develop new fishing methods that "trigger" different behaviors in crappie.

He’s tested and fine-tuned these deadly techniques over years of fishing… and he’s added them his massive arsenal of crappie catching tricks.

You just need proven crappie catching secrets from someone who applies science to his obsession…

… someone who’s been a student of catching fish for over 52 years, all over the world. (… and who’s focused all that knowledge on catching crappie in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.)

… someone who lived in the wilderness and had to catch crappie by any means possible, or starve.

…Someone Who Received A Large Sum Of Cash (From Me!) For Every Crappie Fishing Secret He Knows

To prove I know what I’m talking about, here’s a screen shot of what you’ll find when searching for "Dan Eggertsen crappie fishing" in Google.

Circled in red at the top of the page, you can see there are 117,000 pages of results!

I don’t show you this to boast or brag. I just want to…