20/20 Fit Mum Meal Plan Collection CB – THE FIT MUM FORMULA

Fed up of throwing away uneaten food and relying on convenience foods and unhealthy quick-fix snacks?

Let’s face it we’ve got enough to think about, us Mums, without healthy food that’s both tasty and easy to make being another thing on our list.

I wish cheese on toast and oven pizza were the healthiest foods ever too (maybe chocolate muffins too?), but sadly that’s just not going to cut it if you want to have enough energy to keep up with your little rascals.

*VAT is added at checkout (sorry, out of my control); amount fluctuations by a few pennies depending on foreign currency values but is usually around £4

– Experiment with different cooking or meal types e.g. slow cooker, soups, shakes, salads, barbeques and more

Just £20 – that’s 20 full length meal plans with with recipes and shopping lists, that’s 140 different days of food and over 500 different meal and snack ideas!

The plans are all printable and come with step by step cooking instructions, and are designed with even novice cooks in mind so no recipe will be too difficult or take long to make, plus many of the meals can be prepped, cooked and even frozen in advance if that suits you better.

You don’t need to worry about calories or nutrition because I’ve done that for you; all portion sizes are designed for women who want to lose weight or prevent weight regain after weight loss, and are nutritionally balanced to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

And while I’m a busy Mum, I’m also the daughter of a chef who won’t settle for dull, tasteless food, so thankfully even really quick meals can be tasty when you know how!

*VAT is added at checkout (sorry, out of my control); amount fluctuations…