Acoustic Guitar Money: Easy Lessons, Tips & Tricks to Play Bar Gigs & Book Solo Acoustic Music Entertainment Jobs

Are you wondering how you can start making money with your guitar and do it quickly and cheaply? Or, are you already playing gigs at bars and wondering why the other guy easily gets all the best tips, gigs, makes more money and stays booked—while you sit on the sidelines? Are you an artist devoted to your own music, but getting tired of playing for free and not being noticed?

Maybe you have some guitar skills and just want to make some extra cash on the side. Making good, regular money with your guitar is easier than you think, and you don’t have to join a band, be a pro studio player, write the best songs in the world, know all the chords, have a big online or website presence, or have all the right music business connections. The proven way to do that in the least amount of time and with the least equipment and training is solo acoustic guitar gigs–done the right way.

Solo acoustic guitar bar gigs are the #1 easy way to make really good, regular money with guitar music, quickly, and get noticed more easily, with less hassle—if you do it right. With solo acoustic guitar shows, you’ll need far less equipment than a band, you don’t have several band members opinions involved in everything, and you’re in total control of your show. Many bar and restaurant owners often prefer solo acoustic entertainment and artists over a band because they’re usually much cheaper for them and still provides good entertainment that helps customers stay a little longer, tip better and spend more money on food and beverages. And whenever the economy is on the low side, an acoustic player can often find a gig faster than a band, for those same reasons. So, if you step over to being a smart acoustic player that knows the tricks of this business, you can be very profitable, very quickly, and often end up with more gigs than you can play—without the help of online gig booking services.

If you’re already professionally playing solo acoustic guitar gigs, but you’re not getting enough bar gigs, not making enough money or having trouble getting booked again, I can probably tell you why. About 95% of the time when this happens, it is simply the result of not doing certain things correctly. What things? Well, things like

And most of this isn’t your fault, really, because until now, there has been no easy, step-by-step lesson book available to help with this subject. This e-book can give you the tools right here online to keep that from happening to you.

If you’re an artist and you want to play your own music with the cover tunes, there’s a specific way to go about that, too, without getting ‘fired’ after 3-4 gigs. This easy-read, PDF e-book teaches you how to work in your songs in an entertaining way and get your music noticed while using cover songs as sort of a launching pad.

And if you’re thinking about entering American Idol, X Factor, The Voice or America’s Got Talent or some online competition, solo acoustic guitar gigs are one of the very best, cheapest, and easiest ways to prepare for these—there are lessons and tips for that in this e-book, too! If you look at the winners and a lot of the contestants, you’ll notice that many of them auditioned with or used an acoustic guitar in an entertaining, engaging way—which is something you can learn, too. Even if you’re the guitar player, or drummer and have someone else singing in a duo or trio, the easy tips and tricks in this e-book can help you make good money with those situations, too!

One word of caution: if you’re just starting out with solo acoustic guitar entertainment or as an artist, you definitely want the information in this step-by-step lesson book. One thing you don’t want to do is jump out into the bars and try to go figure all this out for yourself. Sure, the experience is good way to learn, but it can take years to get things down and you might miss some key points, miss out on a lot of fun, burn bridges at clubs from not playing the right songs and booking incorrectly, and you may even miss some important music business opportunities by not knowing what to look for. And if you’re out there playing already, you may run the same risks. Either way, you can give yourself a HUGE boost and a bag full of easy shortcuts by grabbing the tools in this powerful e-book, the ONLY lesson book you’ll find online or anywhere, that teaches you how to make a good living with an acoustic guitar! This is it!

So instead of trying figure it all out on your own and spending years making very little money and waiting forever to get noticed, make it easy on yourself! Grab this PDF e-book written by a pro, use all of my years of acoustic guitar experience and mistakes, get the best tips, tricks, and lessons on fast, cheap ways to make good money with acoustic guitar entertainment and go play some gigs! You’ll also get my helpful vocal training tips, bar chord shortcuts, song list suggestions and some amazing quick start tips that will have you gigging or grabbing new gigs almost immediately. And if you’re giving lessons, you can even offer the tips and tricks in this book to your students as a next step in their guitar lessons, to earn even more money!

There’s no need to be a broke guitar player or solo artist anymore! You CAN succeed in the music business! And best of all, you have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…