Cat Language Bible™ – Feline-Human Communication Breakthrough

A new form of cat-to-human communication that many cat owners have dreamed about… but few have actually thought possible.

That is, until they learn about the latest science in animal communication, shocking new information which I will reveal to you in just a moment. …on building a deeper, stronger bond with your loving feline friend. And to be fair, one party already DOES understand the other quite well

“The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also by identifying certain words including their names, the owner’s name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…”

Cats may have been domesticated to deal with us. But we need to use our own brains to return the communication back.

I’ve titled our work as The Cat Language Bible™. It truly is the go-to-guide for bonding with your cat through language communication.

I’m very happy to say that you now have these powers. Because through our exhaustive cat language interpretation work, The Cat Language Bible™ can give you new, never before seen insights into your cat’s verbal communication abilities.

“Thanks to this book I now know when my cat wants to play and when she wants to be left alone (there are some huge surprises in cat language!), when she is feeling happy and when she is feeling down, when she is meowing for affection and when she is meowing cause she is in pain…not just that but now I know how I can effectively communicate with her. I feel much closer to her now and it takes your relationship to your cat to a whole new level!”

“Before reading this book I had never realized how often my cat would gesture “I love you” at me! Now, not only do I understand when my cat is showing me affection, but I can also ‘say’ it back to him in a manner he understands. You can’t put a price to that!”

I’m a middle aged guy who had gotten annoyed at trying to guess what my daughter’s cat was whining about, hence the reason I got this book. As strange as it sounds, we can now communicate and ever since tending to his communicated needs, he is no longer whining and we’ve become great buddies. I love the furry dude!”

This is the guide that takes you from friendly two word phrases that mean very little to your cat… to actual conversations of the type you would have with a small child.

You may have noticed how your cat even acts like a teenager sometimes! Other animals, like dogs, switch between simple feelings of joy and fear. But cats, having more developed brains can also feel lazy, remorseful, giddy, and a wide range of other emotions of significant complexity. This is why it truly is my passion to help cat owners like yourself to take the next step and communicate with your animal at a higher level.

“I found the information in this book absolutely fascinating! It gives a thorough explanation with pictures on how cats use their eyes, ears, whiskers, mouths, meows and tails to talk to us and communicate to us not just their needs but also their emotions. It also gives very good information on proper cat care and invaluable tips on dealing with issues such as spraying and excessive night meowing. I love that I can now finally express to Jinny how much I love her!”

“How would you like to have a tool that could translate what your cat is communicating into plain English? This book is that tool that you were looking for – fully illustrated with cute cat pictures so you become an expert at cat speak!”

“This manual is a must read for every cat lover. I’ve been through several cat behavior books but none come close to this one in breaking down cat language to a level that is so easily grasped. The pictures are extremely helpful in conveying the message across and after going through this manual I immediately understood my cat better and now I’m a much better care giver and I have since noticed that my cat is being even more affectionate towards me. A great gift to any cat owner!”

“Warning: a lot of the things you think you know when it comes to cat behavior are WRONG and this book will shock you! I always thought that it was fairly evident when a cat is happy, angry, playful, loving etc…but this book showed me that I was hugely misunderstanding my cat. I now realize that I always mistook her apparent annoyance with actual affection, her apparent grumpiness with loneliness, and I could never tell when she wanted company and when she just wanted to be left alone. Now I do and I have noticed that she is much more receptive to me and actually for the first time ever she has started sleeping next to me rather than running around meowing. It is an incredible feeling to be able to communicate with her – we now ‘say’ I love you to each other every morning!”

“This is a huge eye opener for people who have cats and for all animal lovers in general. It is a very easy read supported with lots of photographs that clearly illustrated a cat’s language, whether it is communicated vocally or through its body language including eyes, ears positioning, whether the whiskers are forward, downwards, backwards, etc… It is an incredible wealth of knowledge on both understanding cats and communicating with them, so you can be a better cat giver and be able to adequately show your feline family member how much he/she actually means to you!”

“Being a ‘cat parent’ for most of my adult life, I was surprised at how much I actually did NOT understand when it comes to cat…