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Have you tried to quit smoking before? Did you fail to quit just like 19 out of 20 quitters do? Do you just seem to lack the ability or will-power to stop smoking those evil cancer sticks?

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My name is Pete Howells and I am the author of the EasyQuit System™ for quitting smoking. Thank you for taking some time to read what I have to tell you – YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU HAVE!

Firstly, let me ask you; "quitting smoking is difficult right?" WRONG! Quitting smoking is only difficult if you don’t know how to do it.

For example, driving a car is only difficult to people who don’t know how to do it – but it is only a skill that most adults have to learn. It is the same with quitting smoking, YOU JUST HAVE TO LEARN THE SKILLS NEEDED TO DO IT!

The EasyQuit System™ is probably the simplest method available to overcome all the problems normally associated with quitting smoking – cravings, weight gain, anxiety, short-temper, hunger and discomfort. The incredible success of the EasyQuit System™ is because it is so effective at overcoming your desire to smoke.

So, if you want to quit smoking without using "will-power" OR feeling a sense of loss OR hunger OR experiencing any unnecessary stress; then read on because I guarantee the EasyQuit System™ is the answer that you are looking for.

You were a non-smoker once before and being a non-smoker again will only happen for you if you TAKE ACTION. So go on, ACT RIGHT NOW and read the rest of this important life-saving message.

The EasyQuit System™ will work for you just as it has for many others. Read some of the testimonials people have sent to me to express their gratitude after being liberated from smoking for ever!

Testimonial #1: Dear Peter, Your book has changed my life!!! I gave up smoking 8 years ago for 6 years and put on weight – just as you explained in the book I started smoking 2 years ago and was back up to 30 a day. I lost weight. I read your book after Christmas and have not looked back. I have not put on weight and I never smoked that last cigarette, because I couldn’t face it and still can’t! – Is that how it works??? Your psychological approach is remarkably effective. I went to the Doctor about giving up and was told to attend a group and to buy nicotine patches from the Chemist!! Thank you, I respect myself for what I have been able to achieve thanks to your marvellous book and my sons aged 21 & 23, both of whom hate smoking, are proud of me, but, as you know, it wasn’t that hard to make the break from that horrible drug! With kindest regards, Fleur Wadley London, England

Testimonial #2: Dear Peter, I just wanted to thank you for your EasyQuit System™ book. I was a smoker for 20 years and quit 7 weeks ago right after I finished your book and I can’t believe how free I feel. I knew that I had to quit, but I was terrified of my life without cigarettes. Before I discovered your book, I tried to quit cold turkey and was a total wreck – I felt like I was saying goodbye to my best friend. Thankfully, I found your online book and read it immediately. I just can’t believe how easy it actually was to quit after I had my "epiphany" thanks to you. I guess all smokers do think alike because it felt like you wrote that book just for ME! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Kathy Conaty California

Testimonial #3: Dear Peter, I had my last cigarette on the 11th October 2006. It was the best thing I ever did. I was busy reading your book and got as far as chapter 9. I had my last smoke, put it out and never felt like one again. And to top it all off it wasn’t even hard going! Roman Gross Germany

Testimonial #4: Dear Peter, Your program was great. Thank you so much, I had smoked for about 34 years. I never really tried to quit smoking before, I tried your program and it was really easy for me. I smoked about 1-1-1/2 packs of cigarette’s a day. I would recommend this program to anyone. Elaine Balmer Pennsylvania

With the EasyQuit System™, I can help you quit smoking in as little as three hours from now! This solution is guaranteed to show you everything you need to quit smoking without any of the usual hardships.

You will not have to avoid social occassions – I promise you could quit and go to a party straight away!

But most importantly, after you read this book, you really will find it as easy to be a non-smoker in the future as you find it difficult to be a non-smoker right now!

The EasyQuit System™ is so incredibly effective becasue it not only teaches you how you can quit smoking, it actually stops you ever wanting to smoke. It turns off your desire to smoke cigarettes! It isn’t aversion therapy or hypnotism or ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’. It is just a series of truths about the psychology of smoking that explain why you smoke and how you can…