eBook Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor

eBook Aloe - Your Miracle DoctorAfter reading your book ‘Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor’ I was amazed at the many different uses for Aloe. In the past, I always knew about the healing powers of Aloe for burns, but was ignorant of its many other abilities to cure.

Recently, while cooking, I badly burned my wrist and was using an antibiotic ointment on it, but it was not healing. In fact, it was getting worse.

I started using Aloe on it and it immediately started to feel better. In one week it was completely healed.

Now, I keep your book close at hand so that I can readily avail myself of the numerous other uses for Aloe.

I had never given much thought to the plant, itself, except as noting it as an ingredient on the labels of various commercial products that I have used.

It is surprising to read of the many beneficial uses the leaves have when prepared in the proper way and either applied externally or taken internally in either liquid or solid form. I plan to experiment a little with a few of your home remedy recipes. An interesting read.

I just finished reading your book. It is very interesting and I greatly enjoyed it. I am going to try some of the remedies. I have an Aloe plant, now I will put it to use. I also printed out the pages.

Thanks for all the wonderful information. I read the Aloe book and I think it’s great. I read it in one sitting.

The drug companies don’t have the time (or simply don’t want to) to study the benefits of natural treatments, remedies, and cures. There is no money to be made from anything that can’t be patented. Unfortunately for all of us, they are a business and money is the bottom line. The reality is, today it costs $1 billion to develop a drug for market and without airtight patents to protect it, there is no way for drug companies to get a return on such a massive investment. Once they get a new drug on the market, the list of side-effects is longer than our commute to work and sometimes worse than what they are supposedly treating.

There have been thousands of scientific studies performed on aloe’s healing abilities and still the public has never heard of most of them. The media will never tell you about these scientific findings because the "big money" drug companies will stop them. The drug industry does not popularize aloe because drug companies can’t patent an aloe plant (they wish they could!). Aloe has such an amazing chemical composition, proven scientifically, like no other plant. How much does it cost? About $3 – 5 per plant.

"In clinical studies of whole-leaf Aloe vera’s internal and external uses during the past six months, I have personally witnessed mitigations or complete resolutions of the following:

Abrasions Colds Herpes simplex & zoster Staph infections Acne Colic Menstrual cramps & irregularity Ulcerations Allergies Denture (gum) sores Nausea Burns Epstein-Barr virus Chronic fatigue

Hypertension Stings Actinic keratoses Constipation Infections Sunburns Ulcerative colitis Arthritis Dermatitis Parasites (especially protozoan infections) Vaginitis Radiation dermatitis Warts Viral infections

AIDS Contusions Insect bites Tendinitis Allergic reactions (reversal of anaphalaxis) Dandruff Boils Diabetes Peptic & duodenal ulcers Varicose veins Bruises Edema Psoriasis

…I know you must be thinking that no one plant or product could affect – in some positive way – all of the above. If so, it would be a miracle. Webster defines a miracle as “an extraordinary event manifesting outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment; and a divinely natural occurrence that must be learned humanly.” By this definition, it is no wonder why thousands of Aloe vera users worldwide have commonly referred to it as a “miracle plant.”

Is Aloe vera really a miracle plant? Many facts and continued research are available, so you may decide for yourself. Organized medicine and pharmacology have not embraced Aloe, because it cannot be patented and its usage threatens literally hundreds of prescription and non-prescription drugs. Aloe vera is hypoallergenic and has no known side effects even in large doses." Hedendal, Bruce Eric (DC, PhD). (N.D.). Whole-leaf Aloe vera, almost a panacea: An overview of one of the most accepted, yet misunderstood, medicinal plans in history. Simply Natural Products.

"The healing benefits of Aloe vera have been recorded throughout the world for thousands of years. The American medical and pharmaceutical communities most likely have not accepted it because it can’t be patented nor a prescription written for it." Alfred Garbutt, D.C.

Perhaps the most remarkable studies concern the effect of aloe fractions on the status of patients with HIV which causes AIDS. The polysaccharide fraction of aloe was shown to exhibit antiviral activity and enhance immune cell function. Danhof, Ivan E. (PhD, MD). Internal uses of Aloe vera.

Aloe Vera will speed up the healing of a burn or some damaged eczematous skin just as well as it will heal a mouth ulcer or even a stomach ulcer or a problem of the bowel lining – all epithelial tissue. Atherton, Peter (Dr., MBChB, DObst, RCOG, MRCGP). (1997, June/July). Aloe vera: Myth or medicine? Positive Health. Issue 20.

The Biogenic Stimulation Method was proven scientifically in 1930s and has already been successfully used by traditional and folk medicines in treating various diseases in the last 70 years. It has passed prolonged clinical tests and has been highly appraised in many countries. This method is very easy to do at home and it is used in home remedies as a very effective treatment of such serious diseases, like stomach cancer, mastopathy, radiation burns and serious skin disorders.

Today home remedies have become more and more popular because people have become aware of the harmful side effects of synthetic drugs.

Like many people around the world, I am allergic to a lot of medicine, in particular antibiotics, sulphonamide-based groups of drugs, penicillin, Novocaine, etc. And I get allergic reactions to… Read more…