Learn How to Win a Fight – Street Fight Academy

Your palms are sweaty, your heart is pounding, your vision tunnels in and suddenly you realize… this guy wants to kill you! Unfortunately, martial arts don’t cut it on the street…

Onlookers Will Stare in Shock as You Drop a Much Larger Opponent to the Ground, Like a Sack of Potatoes!

Before you read any further, let me be absolutely clear that the contents of this course are to be used for self defense ONLY. These moves can and will severely injure your attackers. These techniques are banned from combat sports like MMA because they can cause severe pain and injury with very little skill required to perform them. Proceed with caution.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself… “But I’m too small to win a fight.” Get that out of your head right now. The fact is, size and strength have very little to do with the outcome of a real street fight. Sport fighting is all about endurance, speed, and strength. That is simply not the case in a real fight. If you’ve ever been in or even witnessed a scuffle on the street, you know that it’s not going to last for three 5 minute rounds. Not even close.

Pre-Fight Learn how to master the mind game and mentally control your attacker until YOU are ready to make the first move. Learn the hidden "tells" that your attacker is unknowingly broadcasting to you. Read him like a book and uncover his clearly exposed weaknesses.

Hand to Hand Combat Most fights inevitably begin with fist fighting and hand to hand combat. Learn how to deliver powerful, fight ending strikes and brutal combinations. Plus, simple joint tricks and pressure points that will have them on the ground crying for mommy.

Grappling After the initial outburst, most fights end up in a grapple (assuming you didn’t knock them out already). Learn how to quickly and effortlessly drop your attacker to the ground, put him to sleep, or break his arm in seconds. These moves work with amazing efficiency even on the largest attackers.

Ground Combat The ground isn’t where you want to be in a street fight, but if it does happen, you’ll be ready. Learn how to escape mounts and other tight spots quickly and gain the position advantage. Finish the job with a brutal ground and pound or put him to sleep with a quick choke out.

Aftermath Learn how to safely walk away from a fight, and exactly what you should do next. Don’t make an extremely common mistake that can easily land you in jail, or worse, the hospital.

These are exactly the lethal moves you need to know when you’re backed up against a wall… when you’re outnumbered by three big, bulky guys who want to beat you within an inch of your life… when your loved ones are in danger. I’m talking about devastating moves that simply can’t be defended against. If some thug decides to rob you in a back alley, are you really going to trust those lame "safe" moves you learned at the YMCA? Hell no. You need the nasty fight enders that will ruin their night instantly. These moves are not taught in self defense classes or even allowed in cage fighting. These are moves known only by elite fighters like Navy SEALs, Special Ops, and military combat specialists.

Now I know some of you might THINK you’re tough and that you know how to handle yourself in fight. A lot of people THINK they can defend themselves. But when it comes down to it and you’re face-to-face with an angry drunk ogre, vicious mugger, or hardened gangbanger, do you KNOW you can take him out? Are you willing to bet your life and safety on it?

Little known joint tricks that work best on large attackers. Use their size against them and make them pay for picking on the little guy!

How to fool your attacker into opening up large, vulnerable targets (they never realize they’ve been set up until they’re already on their back!)

How to drill into hidden soft spots causing relentless pain and sheer panic in your attacker. They’ll completely shut down from the shock!

A fast, simple technique that will drop an attacker to the floor with nothing but the flick of your wrist!

All the hidden "tells" that show you exactly what your attacker is going to do next, with stunning accuracy. NEVER be caught off guard again!

Dozens of powerful ‘one hitter quitter’ strikes that will instantly stun and incapacitate your opponent. These are "illegal" moves and not taught in any martial arts course!

Three simple takedown moves that will drop even the biggest attackers in less than a second flat (it doesn’t matter if they’re twice your size… they’ll hit the ground faster than a sack of bricks and stay there).

The Irish gutter brawl moves specialized for taking on multiple attackers at once in large crowd scenarios.

One 2 inch target that is so sensitive an 8 year old girl could leave a grown man on the ground crying in pain!

Step-by-step instructions for winning a fight in any situation. (Backed up against a wall with 3 big guys coming toward you? I got you covered!)

One simple strike than will instantly halt your opponents lung function, leaving them desperately gasping for air and unable to move.

Five quick ways to immediately stun your attacker, giving you plenty of time to do whatever twisted finishing move you have on tap for them!

A nasty bar brawler technique that will break your attacker’s nose even if you’re completely pinned!

One fast and simple move that will instantly cut off blood circulation to the brain, leaving them struggling to stay conscious.

And just in case you’re not completely convinced that this is the most effective and complete street combat system available today, I’m including 3 of my best selling MMA programs, absolutely…