Recover from the Grief of Pet Loss

If you loved your pet, this special guide is necessary…to get the help you need right now. Instantly. Even if it’s 3 in the morning.

“Robin, when I lost my dog after 11 wonderful years, I was devastated. I felt all alone without my beloved companion. When I tried talking to people, they would laugh and tell me it’s just a dog.

After reading your guide and doing the exercises, I’m feeling tremendously better than before. I’m still grieving, but I’m thankful that now I have a helpful resource to comfort me.”

Other people don’t understand what it’s like. They may think that “it’s just a dog,” “only a cat,” or “just a rabbit.” But you and I know that the pain of loss that we feel is very deep and very real.

You see, it’s not only the loss through the death of your animal…but also the losses of companionship, comfort, security and love…that cause your pain.

Robin Jean Brown faced that journey when her beloved companion animal died after a long, painful ordeal with brain cancer.

Robin’s ebook will take you by the hand and lead you through all five stages of grief. How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery is not something that’s passive, where you just read about other people.

Instead you’ll find exercises and self-help activities that will help you work through your pain. Every chapter has Journaling Questions that will validate the sorrow that you’re feeling, as Robin leads you to create your own unique story of you and your beloved pet.

Robin is a kind, understanding person, because she’s been through the sadness herself of losing a pet who she considered to be her closest friend in the world.

Many people don’t understand this truth: “Grief is like a raging river. In order to get to the other side, you must swim through it. And if you avoid swimming through, you’ll never get to other side.”

If you’re still holding onto any of the 14 myths of grief…Robin Jean Brown’s comforting guide is absolutely for you.

That’s because this special guide is available in ebook format that you download instantly. That means that you get this effective material when you need it the most — right now.

You can instantly get this comforting material right now — I mean within the next minute you can be reading it!

Robin Jean Brown understands firsthand the deep bond that can develop between person and animal. She’s not some cold psychologist, but rather a pet owner herself who dealt with her own painful journey through the grieving process.

She found that there wasn’t a lot of help for her. Other books are either too cold and clinical…or they’re too sad, and just make you cry harder. And none of them had workbook-style questions to guide her through her journey.

So Robin wrote the guide herself – to deal with your grief, effectively and step by step. She is personal, empathetic, and comforting – yet at the same time she’ll help you move through your grief.

Her special ebook will introduce you to a revolutionary way of coping with pet loss. Robin developed and delicately refined a 4 Step Technique for coping with pet loss that she coined “ROAR.”

Keep reading…Don’t forget to find out the sad experience of the author. Maybe it’s similar to what happened to you.

Robin Jean Brown will work with you to help you get through these stages step-by-step, using the most effective methods possible. Her coveted guide also reveals:

Plus…Robin goes the extra mile with warmth and understanding to show you how to help your loved ones to grieve.

As you work through the pain of pet loss, you may have read many other books. Have they worked? No, maybe not.

Why? Because you have to do something to work through your grief. You must take action and break through what’s holding you back.

You can’t just read…and wish…your way out of the rut you’re stuck in. There’s nothing wrong with you – that other stuff just doesn’t show you how it works for you.

That’s why Robin gives you full-detailed journaling questions throughout her guide, to lead you through the grieving process.

Even if the death of your pet, though inevitable, hasn’t happened to you yet – this is a worthy investment in peace of mind. Wouldn’t it be better to get prepared and learn how to enjoy each moment you get? I know you’re wise to do so.

If You Think That The Grief Of Pet Loss Can Be Ignored, Listen To What Leading Psychologists And Experts Have To Say…

“At first I was skeptical that a book could have helped me work through the death of my dog. But once I started reading it seriously, and using the workbook pages, I learned a lot about myself. I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost a pet and doesn’t know what to do next.”

“…this book would benefit anyone dealing with the loss of an animal, regardless of species.”

“Having experienced the loss of a pet very important to me, I found many helpful ideas in Robin Jean Brown’s Pet Loss Guide. As grief over the loss of a pet is not necessarily validated by the society in which we live, it is refreshing to read a book that deals respectfully with such grief. The text is easy to understand, and the workbook exercises provide ample opportunity for the self-expression necessary to the healing process. I think this book would benefit anyone dealing with the loss of an animal, regardless of species.”

How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery is unique in that it both empathizes with what you’re going through and helps you…