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You must know that, until 15 years ago, my sex life was not always as satisfying and serene as it is now, because I suffered erection problems.

   Over the course of my 42 years I have had several women, 3 cohabitations and many opportunities to have sex.

   If sometimes, in bed with a woman, everything went the right way, other times inexplicably there were strange problems with erection at the time of sexual intercourse:

Problems of which, at the time, I could not understand the REAL cause…    Obviously, besides feeling a tremendous sense of disappointment towards myself, every time I was terrified above all by what could have been the judgment of my bed partner.    Being told that for her it is not a problem and that it doesn’t really matter, knowing full well that instead she was thinking just the opposite (maybe regretting some of her ex much more handsome!), It was really terrible for me.    Furthermore, I was terribly worried about the idea that he could go and tell it to friends and acquaintances and that they, in turn, would have talked badly about other people (maybe even exaggerating things).    Not to mention the fact that, because of these rumors around, other potential women could come to know about it because among them they also talk about these things… and unfortunately on some occasions it really happened (thus playing me every chance to take them to bed…).

As time went on I started experiencing a castrating performance anxiety, and a crazy fear of disappointing any new woman when it came to having sex with her.    Even those times when everything seemed to be going smoothly I was always worried by the idea that, during sexual intercourse, some damn erection problem could reappear, just on the most beautiful …    …With his consequent disappointment and “escape” to some other man who knew how to “take it” with greater confidence.    And if, before having sex, a new woman talked to me about her past sexual experiences and very fiery and handsome (or even super-gifted) ex-lovers! … Well I let you imagine at what levels my fear of disappointing her came and my anxiety.

You Will Not Find This Program Anywhere Else Online. It Was Created Exclusively By Me Using Proprietary and innovative Techniques That Have Been Tested And Refined.

– Obviously, I knew the existence of pharmacological pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.    But since I am not a superficial fool who naively takes the false promises of multinational pharmaceutical companies, I knew very well how they actually work …    …I knew well when it is really the rare case of using it (and how), and when and in what cases they do nothing and are of no use, if not to increase the earnings of those who sell, prescribe and produce!

Regarding these pharmacological pills I knew well the scientific truth that there is about their real or presumed effectiveness:

Besides, I should have secretly confused myself with my companions, because women don’t find a man who takes pills to get an erection very manly.    In practice, these pills would only make me more insecure and dependent, rather than sexually confident of me and able to express all my natural sexual ability.

I have helped over 21,700 men see REAL results without the use of expensive pills, penis creams, stupid pumps or risky surgery. Natural Erection is possible and you can start today!

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Being a very intimate problem and one on which it is easy to be mocked by other men (or badly judged by women), people rarely tend to talk about it in public when they are dealing with this problem.

   Despite this understandable difficulty in talking about it, some very brave men gave me written permission to publish the text of some emails they sent me (provided, of course, to remain anonymous).

In the text of the original emails I have eliminated only the name of the known drugs (replaced with xyzxyz), the parts of text containing terms too “pushed”, or things too intimate and confidential…

How great you are! You are number 1! Thanks to the program !!! ? I listened carefully to all the files, and in addition to answering my questions exhaustively, you also gave me further suggestions that are very useful to me. I will tell you briefly about me, to introduce myself and to share with you how useful it is to listen to and listen to your modules, especially those on the psyche. I’m 30 years old and physically fit, I’ve always been athletic.

Everything went very well in the sexual sphere until a year ago. For various reasons I had a period of great stress, which lasted for about a year … then the first flops with different types and then I consulted 3 andrologists: the first wanted to give me the pills immediately without any assessment !!! (that banished!); the…