Shaping Shots with Darrell Klassen

I am so proud of myself, my wife can’t stand to be around me today. I feel like I’ve just discovered the cure for the common cold… or, even better, I feel like I just hit the lottery.

What I’m about to share with you is going to change the game of golf in this country forever. But not until you’ve seen it first…

Here’s the story: Line up any 10 golfers, from anywhere. Eight of them will have a nasty slice which is most evident on drives. This slice guarantees that:

Of course, right now you’re saying “Aw, come on. I’ve had a slice ever since I picked up a golf club. It’s too hard to fix.” That’s certainly what MOST amateur golfers think – and so they try to put band-aids on the problem with expensive offset “slice-proof” clubs, and a goofy altered stance or grip that threatens to wrench their backs into a pretzel shape permanently.

What’s more, the “experts” I see in the magazines and on television sure aren’t helping much – I’ve always suspected that 99% of the advice given out to golfers is pure bull hockey… and when it comes to curing a slice, I will bet my house on it. The proof: Almost every golfer who HAS a slice has sought help for it…

Over 80% of all golfers slice. Lessons don’t help, the articles in Golf Digest don’t help, the advice from “Mr. Big Shot Professional” on the Golf Channel doesn’t help.

Slicing is like some medieval CURSE put on you by an angry Gypsy – no matter how much you fuss with it, or try to work it out… there it is back again, with another tee shot that sails off with a mind of its own, providing you with another adventure you don’t want in the underbrush. On some days, your slice can be so bad you NEVER see your buddies at all until you finally pitch onto the green, several strokes behind everyone else with your shoes all muddy and your socks full of stickers.

It’s like “Indiana Jones Goes Golfing”. Just add snakes and poison arrows, and your day would be complete.

You see, when I say that most “experts” cannot cure your slice… what I really mean is, that there exists only a FEW teachers who really CAN help you. Most will ask for all the money you have in exchange for their secrets… IF you can find them in the first place… and IF you can somehow trust that they really DO HAVE the “fix” they claim to have (so you don’t waste time on something you’ll abandon three months down the road).

Down in Southern California (where I live), I have yet to find an “expert” who has the secrets of curing a slice. We’re talking about a part of the state with a population of 40 million… and enough serious golfers to form an army. I honestly began to believe there wasn’t a real “Slice Doctor” on the West Coast… until I was introduced to Darrell Klassen. Darrell lives in a small town in Central California, far from the big cities. And he is the reason this small town, year after year, produces more low-handicap golfers that all of Los Angeles and San Francisco combined!

He’s a local legend… and one of the best kept secrets in golf anywhere. He’s a PGA teaching professional with a white-hot game, but he never went on the pro tour… despite the fact he regularly whipped touring pro’s in private matches (including a PGA major money-winner who won 5 tour events not too long ago – who shall remain nameless – and a whole slew of guys from the qualifying tours). Darrell just didn’t want the pro life on the road, and stayed home to raise a family… and make a small fortune with private lessons. He has never advertised his services – all clients come from word of mouth. And he’s booked something like 5 years into the future.

Forget about adding “power” to your swing, or buying fancy new clubs. Once you’ve extracted the distance-robbing slice from your drives, you will AUTOMATICALLY gain serious yardage (up to 40 yards and further) and ALSO drop at least 10 strokes your next round, simply by avoiding trouble on your second shot!

Tomorrow, you can be hitting 100% of your fairways with deep drives, and finish with your BEST SCORE EVER.

Is there ANY catch at all to this offer? Yes, indeedy. You have to download the amazing videos we made of Darrell “doing his thing.” You have to watch the videos. You have to do what Darrell tells you to do. And… you must promise that when you explain your sudden “good luck” in scoring so low and hitting so well to your buddies… that you tell them “Doc O’Leary is my hero.” (Darrell Klassen is your teacher, but I’m the guy who revealed him to the world – if we hadn’t “discovered” Darrell, he’d still be happily producing hot golfers from his small hick home-town, and you would never find the true secrets of ending your slice, refocusing all your driving power to a straight shot, and scoring lower on every round.)

And yet because Darrell is one of the PGA’s most savvy professional teachers, you can pick everything up quickly and easily. Darrell likes to shock people by saying that “golf is an EASY game”… but you’re about to discover the same thing. Golf DOES get easy, when you’re always playing from the fairways, close to the green, with shots that go exactly where you want them to go!

What made Darrell such a special man, that he discovered secrets almost NO ONE else has? Hard work, mostly. For 5 years, Darrell…