The Non Tinfoil Guide to EMFs

3 Safe Ways To Use Your Phone Without Zapping Your Health Or Shredding It To Pieces

Believe it or not, the latest science shows that your cell phone might be the cause — silently zapping your health away every second it’s turned on.

Did you know there’s a simple way to reduce these health risks by 95% — just by changing the way you currently use your phone?

In fact, once you discover how the multiple sources of electro-magnetic field radiation (EMFs for short) in your life have been slowing down your health for all those years, you’ll be able to start experiencing the kind of vibrant health you thought was IMPOSSIBLE.

All you have to do is read the article below to discover how to fix all the “health-zapping” ways you currently use your cell phone.

What you’re going to uncover doesn’t require you to stop using technology (I used radiation to put this on the Internet, after all!), to live off the grid, or to buy some expensive case, magic sticker, or any of these shady solutions that all claim to somehow make cell phone radiation safe again.

And this information is CRITICAL for everyone — even those who don’t personally own a cell phone, or who live far from large city centers.

No matter your age, your goal, your experience or how good you think your health already is: if you are exposed to cell phone radiation (which you do 24/7 even if you never use a phone), this information will revolutionize your sleep quality, your detox and repair mechanisms, your energy levels, your hormonal and weight regulation and your overall health in a profound way.

My name is Nicolas Pineault, and I’m an investigative journalist from Montreal, Canada. I’ve spent the last 10+ years reading papers, studies, articles and every single bit of information under the sun to master my knowledge of nutrition, environmental toxins and how we can enjoy vibrant health even in our increasingly polluted world.

I also published thousands of articles about the health effects of various environmental toxins — like glyphosate and heavy metal contamination in food, air quality, mold toxins and much more… but NOTHING prepared me for the appalling discoveries I’ll reveal below about how toxic electro-magnetic field (EMF) pollution really is.

After all, the mainstream media, most health professionals and the Telecom industry continue to believe the total myth that cell phone radiation is perfectly safe, while completely ignoring the brand new emerging science published on its very REAL dangers.

Look — I know you’re smart, and that you want to be as healthy as possible for yourself and your family. That’s why you NEED to learn the truth about cell phone radiation and how this invisible toxin is currently zapping your health in a serious way — and how to eliminate 95% of your exposure in just a few seconds.

But if you believe everything you hear in the…