There Is a Saying in Our Lifting Community: “Strength Has a Greater Purpose.” – Janelle Pica

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the very purpose strength has, beyond lifting heavy things above our heads, is a purpose founded upon loving our neighbors as ourselves. In fact, I believe that the very great purpose strength has is love, the love of oneself and the outpouring of such radiant love unto others.”

Janelle Pica, dual certified kettlebell instructor, has launched “Powerful Pressing” as her first published lifting program.  This training manual will aid you in becoming bigger, better, faster and stronger.

After achieving her HKC in September 2012, Pica decided to go through the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) and became a certified RKC/SFG instructor in April 2013. Soon after her RKC, she spent time studying mobility exercises and callisthenic training in an effort to maximize her own strength training. She is qualified in showing you how to reach your training goals.

Pica’s pursuit of strength started after she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In her moment of weakness, she found just the opposite.

The strict press quickly entered Pica’s heart as her favorite lift of them all, and today, she can press two 28 kgs with ease.

Whether you’ve already been training with kettlebells or you’re brand new to the sport, Pica has methods to advance your training.

Plus, kettlebells provide an option for people who want to exercise without stressing their joints.

Pica also covers the “What the heck?” effect. If you’re training in other sports, the kettlebell is a fantastic complementary exercise. Powerlifters, rejoice! If you want to increase the numbers on your overhead press, bench press, deadlift or barbell squat, kettlebells can provide your body with the conditioning it needs.

Pica’s “Powerful Pressing” will take you on a physical and emotional journey to a better quality of life.

She covers ground on the technicalities of the strict press, how the press impacts and works specific muscle groups and how to set up your one-rep max.

The training manual guides users through Pica’s specialized training program that has been tried and tested in an online distance coaching group and in person at the studio.

“If you want to GAIN STRENGTH and AMAZING PRESSING POWER, then I recommend you follow the plan my friend, Janelle Pica, has laid out for you in this powerful program!” – Karen Smith, Master SFG and SFB

“All in all, a solid, fun, quick (love that it wasn’t too time-consuming!) and effective program that I will return to! I would recommend the Powerful Pressing Program to anyone looking to gain pressing strength, or even just overall upper body and core strength. It has great elements of conditioning too, for stand-alone workouts even apart from the pressing focus, and you’ll be sure to see your form get tighter and cleaner along the way.” – Bonnie Lang, Owner of Bonnie Lang Fitness, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Powerful Pressing is a program that will increase your pressing strength, fast! I loved the methodical approach; it made tracking progress very easy. It’s hard to be patient and not want bigger gains RIGHT NOW, but if you follow the program, the results will come!” – Jill Jacobs, HKC and owner of Jill Jacobs Lifestyle Coaching, Cartersville GA, USA

“Prior to commencing the Powerful Pressing Program, my one-rep max was 14kg.  After only 4 weeks of following the program, I am now able to strict press the 16kg and push press the 18kg kettlebell with ease. I am also now working with double 14kg kettlebells after such a short time. I loved this program because it was not only effective but time efficient! I never felt that I couldn’t fit it in to my schedule. The programming was clever in that as you progressed you worked harder, not longer. I would definitely recommend this well-structured program to anyone with prior kettlebell training experience who is wanting to work on their strict press” – Sarah Xuereb, RKC 1, Melbourne, Australia