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Being a fitness professional myself, the question clients have asked me the most by far is; how do I get my stomach flat?  Do I run more? Is there a particular diet? And like most trainers, I could never answer that question with certainty or accuracy, until now!

Because of this pain point, I felt compelled to dive deeper into the problem of stubborn belly fat, and its root causes. A high-fat diet leads to excess fat accumulation in the midsection, we know this.

But what other factors might contribute to this belly fat epidemic? In My “Case Study,” I didn’t just figure out the cause of these problems. 

I discovered how to detect them, and what specific steps you should take to eradicate them. I must inform you, however; if the information in this book is to help you; you will have to change your thinking. 

Be open-minded, as I often say; “It takes a transformation of the mind, to transform the body.” 

Like many others, you have probably tried everything from expensive supplements to ridiculous diet plans, with nothing to show for it. And like most people I have met, you probably just gave up on trying to get your belly bulge under control.

But what if I told you that access to the right information could be the key to open up the door to your success in achieving a flat stomach and being at your ideal weight? 

And best of all, you don’t have to do any investigating or researching of long articles and medical journals. 

I’ve already done that for you and compiled all of that valuable information into a simple easy to read book, along with applicable and measurable tips that you can start using today, to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

 There are no empty promises made in this book, there is no promise of a flat stomach in 7 days, no special diet, or secret.

If you are looking for a MAGIC remedy or shortcut to your dream body, this book isn’t for you. 

Conversely, if you are willing to do what it takes to get to your goals, but need guidance and the right information to help you understand the steps you should take, then I highly recommend you get this book.

 Here’s the deal, and I am sorry to disappoint you, but “shortcuts” do not exist, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve seen on the internet. 

If shortcuts and magic pills worked, you wouldn’t still be trying to figure out how to get results, you would have had the results you are looking for already, does that make any sense?

My focus here is to help you get your belly bulge down, and show you how to keep your stomach happy and healthy, like my friend and client Mr. Harvey Bloodworth. 

After weighing in at 300 pounds, and being on blood pressure medication for 10 years, my friend and client “Mr. Harvey Bloodworth” decided to take action. 

Aware of his health situation, and knowing that he had to act fast. He adjusted his lifestyle and began transitioning towards a healthier diet and frequent exercise.

He got himself a gym membership and started  doing cardio with some strength training, for a little over an hour everyday. He dropped 50 pounds in the first four months, his attitude and appearance had changed dramatically. He was happier, and to me; appeared to be years younger.

He went back to his family physician for a routine check-up, and was told that his blood pressure had started to lower, and was taken down from three pills a day to two pills.

 He continued to work, and dropped off another twenty-eight pounds in about a two month period, bringing his total weight-loss to seventy-eight pounds in six months. 

He went back to his doctor for a follow-up and was taken COMPLETELY off of high blood pressure medication altogether. 

Here is a man who totally changed his life in as little as six months, reversed his bad health condition, and improved his appearance, by simply deciding to take ACTION. And he continues to work and make improvements to this day.

I have seen several people get their health back on track by making adjustments to their lifestyles, but for me, there always seem to be that “wow factor” whenever I witness this phenomenon. 

It’s the best feeling in the world to see other people given a new lease of life! Wouldn’t you like to know a few things that you can start doing today, that holds the power to transform your life?

“I feel super excited about this opportunity to help you regain your youthful confidence. No longer will you need to fake confidence. I am saying this because true confidence comes from being, looking and feeling your best. 

Not from using clothing and accessories to covering up flaws you know you need to address. You deserve to be in the best shape of your life, at any age, you deserve to look and feel your best.  Here are six scientific reasons why you should strive to always be, look, and feel your best.

Avid is the founder of Masteringyourmidsection and Geniuscatalog. He has worked in the fitness space for over 20 years. His focus is free weight and functional training. He emphasizes paying attention to the psychological aspect of fitness, saying that; “we often forget that to transform the body, you must first transform the mind.” His mission is to help others reach their body and positive lifestyle goals. Avid believes that life isn’t about perfection as much as it is about excellence. In his words: “Excellence is about your attitude and approach to life, growth, and achievement.” The minute you get it in your head that success is messy and that making mistakes is all a part of the process, you set yourself free…