8 Ball Winning Strategies. Learn to Play 8 Ball Pool Online.

8 Ball Winning Strategies. Learn to Play 8 Ball Pool Online.Follow This Link and Secure Your Copy of 8 Ball Winning Strategies Now. Eight Ball Winning Strategies is an ebook in pdf format. You will need Adobe reader on your computer to read it and access the web pages and videos which it links to. Most Computers have this software already. If you do not, there is a link on the download page where you can get it Free.)

My name is Ted Mauro and yes even though I’m only 43 years old, I have been playing pool for over 30 years.

My dad had a table in the basement and I have been addicted to the game ever since I could see over the rails.

Recently I spent a week in New Hampshire studying with a Master Billiards Instructor by the name of Ken Tewksbury.

This was a great experience and I learned some new ways to look at familiar material which has elevated my level of play and my ability to help others with their game.

I walked away from the class as a Certified Advanced Billiards Instructor with the Universal Billiards Instructor Association and A level 2 Instructor with the ACS (American Cue Sports)

When I came home from the class in New Hampshire back in September 2009, I took a break from things and spent several hours per day practicing and working on my pool game.

My game is based on the fundamentals. The fundamentals were taught to me 22 years back and I have since read more books and watched more instructional videos and spent more money educating myself than I can count.

You can get a Free Billiards Fundamentals Course from my website, if you have never learned them. The link is below this text.

There is also a link to this page in the book "8 Ball Winning Strategies". You will find several testimonials on that page from people happy with the Free Training. You must know the fundamentals to get the most out of this book.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about playing video pool. It’s a course about playing real pool on a pool table. It is in the form of an E Book. You read and study the book online.

This book is loaded with straight forward facts about winning when playing the great game of 8 Ball.

You will find text and diagrams on every subject regarding the game. There are links to videos which leave nothing to chance and eliminates the guess work for you.

Take advantage of my 30 plus years of playing pool and the no holes barred straight forward Information which will flat Elevate Your Eight Ball Game.

There is nothing left to chance as all of the content and diagrams in the book are backed with live video where I show you how to execute the shots in 8 Ball Winning Strategies.

Back in the mid 1990’s I bought some training videos that were $69.00 each. I have seen and purchased books and courses that were $100 and up to a couple hundred dollars.

I paid $800 plus all travel expenses for the 3 day class when I became certified. A 3 day class with any certified billiards instructor runs about that much.

Some of my friends have suggested $69 for "8 Ball Winning Strategies" like I paid years ago. I would be happy to get $69 for the book, but I know that in this economy that can be tough for many people.

This is a pretty small investment in a game that can make you some nice spare change when you know what you are doing. My best night playing pool for the cash netted me $3,400.00 and I was spotting the guy a few balls playing 9 ball on the big table.

You know that $47 won’t even fill my vehicle with gas if its close to empty. So yes, I think $47 is a more than fair price versus the value you will get from the book.

Find an 8 Ball game where you can race someone to 7 games for $50 and you are in profit with one set. (I am not telling you to gamble. Just a possibility)

You could play in a small $5 or $10 tournament and get your investment back with profits. These small tournaments go on every week all over the country.

Second, I am going to offer email support for any part of the game that you are having challenges with. (This one is Definitely for A Limited Time).

Third You get a full 60 day satisfaction Guarantee. If Your not Happy, I don’t want your money. Just shoot me an email and You will be refunded on the double.

I know, there are people out there who will read the book and study the info and then ask for a refund. (Some People Are like that.)

I also know that most people are cool and will see the time, effort and value in the book. Most people will want to study and take advantage of the email support.

This is a bonus that would be hard to even put a monetary value on. You get to have your questions answered free of charge by a certified instructor. This is a pretty cool bonus for a $37.00 purchase. Don’t you think?

I will also throw in a pdf document of the 7 Part Billiards Fundamental Training. There is a great deal of effort in that course as well. It consists of text, pictures and videos and it does explain the fundamentals of Pool.

You will also receive life time updates to the 7 part Fundamentals and the "8 Ball Winning Strategies Books".

I just did a pretty major update to the Fundamentals course and the response from the people who have taken the course was Fantastic.

Ted.. I just went through your "course", and for a low end player like me, I picked up a lot of good… Read more…