Construction Project Management : Scheduling – Estimating – Forms

To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control. – HENRI FAYOL

A breif e-book outlining the advantages of this type of contract over conventional contracts particularly in large scale project with high uncertainties. The advantages include flexibility to changes in the original design; Fair appointment of risks between Contractor and Employer; potential saving in the time and cost of tendering. The e-book includes more details.

A web application designed to help determine responsibility of encountered delays at any stage during the project lifetime and forecasts the delay upon completion based on the current status of progress. Thus provides a reliable and unbiased tool for Owner-Contractor dispute resolution. It helps particularly in assessment of Extension of time Claims.

A Free web application that helps prepare a time table for the tasks of the month and creates a detailed Monthly Bar Chart Schedule Online. The application shall take into account the interdependence between tasks as you specify them. It applies the principles and fundamentals of the Critical Path Method in the background, to ensure best use of resources. Days off are also considered to ensure accuracy of the schedule. The output shall be a detailed time schedule showing Start and Finish days for each activity diagrammatically on a chart that can be read and followed by any construction executive.then be downloaded or printed.

Read about the most common cost estimating techniques. What are the qualifications of an estimator? What are the steps for preparing an estimate?

Approximate cost estimation is used when an accurate project cost is not yet required. This method gives a rough idea of the project cost. This will help determine the required funds.

Linear programming is concerned with optimization. Try our online assignment tool for better allocation of staff. Allocate the staff at the different job sites. Optimize the use of available resources to maximize possible output.

Find the Geo distance between two locations on Google Maps. Just Drag the markers to the location and the distance is auto measured

To the best of our knowledge at the time we collected data, we provide schedules of equipment rental rates allover the country. Please verify before using, as rates may have changed.