Desert Farms Camel Milk

Or you took a good look at what “Big Dairy” was doing… (injecting drugs into sick cows and milking them with machines)… and you said no way.

Because what I’m about to share with you is not raw cow milk. It’s not soy, almond nor rice milk either.

In fact, I’m going tell you why those “alternative milks” are actually worse than pasteurized milk you buy at grocery stores.

So if you desperately miss real milk… in your coffee, tea or just a nice tall cool glass of it… Read on…

No, I’m not talking about drugs. I’m talking about bleeding edge health science, diets and workout routines.

Why would you “fill up” with cheap carbs or processed foods or junk sugars that don’t feed you properly?

Milk is the first meal practically every single human being on Earth eats when they come into this world.

From the mother’s breast, that colostrum is jam-packed with antibodies to boost the baby’s immune system and protect it against disease.

In fact, for the longest time, midwives and physicians believed that babies would die without this first colostrum meal.

But if you’re like me, you might have stopped drinking it sometime after your teenage years. Maybe you grew out of it. Maybe you became lactose-intolerant.

Or maybe… you started digging into this whole Big Dairy business, and you realized how crazy the whole industry is.

You see, when I got serious about looking into it raw milk and its health benefits, I also researched the milk you and I grew up on.

Today, dairy cows produce 3,000 gallons on average… with some going up to 6,000 gallons of milk a year.

But a cow is a cow is a cow, right? Surely, they haven’t evolved in sixty years to suddenly making five to TEN TIMES more milk than what it normally produces!

If you said antibiotics, growth hormones, force feeding cows unnatural foods like corn, soy and grains…

You pour gallons and gallons of milk into a vat, “flash-heat” it at 280ºF for two seconds, and finally rapidly chill it down.

Or could it be because we’re milking drugged up cows who are constantly ill living in disgusting unliveable conditions?

That’s when the cow’s udder gets infected. When this happens, the milk from the cow has “neutrophils”, an inflammatory immune cell that form pus.

This, along with bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella… caused by the unclean industry itself… is why we pasteurize milk.

Put another way, we pasteurize milk because we need to solve the problems Big Dairy created in the first place!

From the moment it’s pasteurized and chilled, milk can survive from 60 to 90 days before it expires.

That gives everyone in Big Dairy… from the processing plant, to the distributors, to your grocery store more time to sell you this milk before it spoils.

Because of this “Flash Pasteurization” that Big Dairy does… the milk you buy at groceries have a “slightly-cooked” flavor.

Because when you pasteurize milk, you’re not only killing bad bacteria… you’re also killing the enzymes, proteins, probiotics and prebiotics in the original milk.

What’s more, a lot of times, the good fat in milk (essential fatty acids) have been skimmed off to make butter, cheese and ice cream.

But you’ve just bought yourself a jug of very expensive “white water.” I like to call it “dead milk”.

Funny thing is — Big Dairy knows this and fortifies their milk with vitamin D and A as a selling point.

It’s like someone offering to give you ten pennies for a dollar and arguing you get “more stuff”.

The same milk doctors encourage kids to drink and grow strong bones and all that… is the #1 allergen according to the FDA.

As you may know, there are many breeds of cows. You may have heard of their names too: Jersey, Holstein and Guernseys.

So why would they still use Holstein cows instead of Jersey, Guernsey or any others that produce a healthier A2 beta-casein protein?

Because they simply produce more milk. Remember, it’s all about quantity and profits here. Not quality.

In other words, when you buy milk at the grocery store, you’re not only buying “dead milk” that has had most of its nutrients boiled out of it…

A gallon of milk in 1950 was 82¢. If you adjust that price for inflation, that same gallon should technically be $9.87 today.

Now you could say this is a good thing. Big Dairy found a way to pass its savings to you, the consumer. Hurray!

According to EWG’s Farm Subsidy Database, dairy program subsidies in the U.S. totalled $5.6 billion between 1995-2014.

In other words, you the taxpayer (whether you bought milk at the grocery store or not), paid for milk.

Guess what Big Dairy did with that subsidy money? They turned right back to Washington and lobbied for more!

CNBC got cheeky and called it “quantitative cheesing”. But there was no joke here. Your elected representative gave them $20 million.

After all, babies drink milk. Kids drink milk. Milk is a foundational food and it’s one of the most efficient ways to feed our bodies.

Calcium, protein, vitamin C, B-vitamins… Minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc… It’s got good fat, the kind that feeds our brain…

The kind of efficient food a biohacking CrossFit nut like me loves. It’s what cow milk was meant to be.

But the problem is — it’s illegal for most states to sell it retail. It’s legal in California, but there are only two brands I know of in California.

So if you want raw cow milk, you have to buy direct from a farmer. Which means you have to know who the good farmers are. Who to trust and who not to.