Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

This is the Official Site for the book "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog" This site is owned and operated by the author Cyndi Smasal This book addresses Canine Liver Disease –  the 5th leading cause of Non-Accidental Death among dogs!

When my Vet came into the examining room and told me my dog had less than a month to live I was devastated. But I didn’t give up. I figured I had nothing to lose and the life of my dog to gain. I did everything I could to save my dog and it worked. The results of my research, trial and error, and ultimate success in healing Norman’s liver disease is captured in this book "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog – The Complete Story". I wrote this book for people like you who love their dog and want to find a way to keep them. This book has the answers you’re looking for.

Hope For Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog contains a personal story about how Norman (my then 10 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel) and I battled against canine liver disease. The Vet gave him a month to live, and after the treatment described in this book he was healed in 3 months and lived an additional 2 years without any further liver problems. I’ve put a wealth of information together from all my research into an easy to read, concise book that will help you take care of your dog.

This is the 3rd edition of this book. I didn’t think I would update it again after the last update, but I found that there was new information and I wanted to make sure everyone who read my book had the latest and greatest information. Things have changed since I wrote my first edition in 2003 and updated it in 2007. There are many new supplements designed specifically for Liver Disease in Dogs and Vet’s are now more accepting of Alternative Treatments.

What makes my book special is that it is easy to read and has specific instructions. Most of the information out on the Internet is technical and you have to look at several sites to get all the information you need to put together your own treatment. Now, there are old articles and web pages that are wrong and do not have these updates. This book contains the latest information on canine liver disease.

Find out what food and supplements protect, reverse and heal liver damage. And discover the miracle diet that inspired this book. This book includes 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes that you can use to help your dog live longer. Plus you will learn how to create your own homemade dog food recipes that are just right for your dog.

Find out why liver disease is usually well advanced before any symptoms are noticed. Learn how to care for your sick dog and what symptoms to watch out for. And how to treat liver related illnesses that might come up.

This book has been read by many people and helped extended the life of thousands of dogs’. I get emails from people who have used my book to save their dogs life. It can help you.

My book does not have the answer to every type of Liver Disease but it does have a positive effect on treating the liver no matter what’s causing the problem. Your Vet can work with you to determine the best treatment, but no dog has been harmed by taking the treatment in this book. It is safe. It is well tested. (Just read a few of the testimonials) Vets now have better medication to treat liver disease but they are not using everything that’s possible. They are making great improvements but there is still more you can be doing. This book covers all of the ways you can treat liver disease.

The main thing I want to give you is HOPE. It IS possible to improve the quality and duration of your dogs life. Liver disease does NOT have to be a death sentence.  

You can do what I did, and do the research yourself. Canine liver disease can be treated with diet and supplements. I know you are probably worried about your dog right now, and want to learn as much as you can, as soon as possible. I can save you a lot of time. All the information you need is in my book. Order the e-book now so you can start helping your dog today. Plus there’s a "Quick Start Guide" to get you started right away.

Biggest update in 4 years! All new and improved Chapter 3 – Dietary Treatment and Management of Liver Disease. Plus Balanced Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Liver Disease with Diet Analysis.

It was close to Christmas 2001 and something inside me kept telling me that there was something wrong with Norman. I thought the worst. “It must be cancer. He’s going to die, I just know it.” I finally decided to face my worst fears and take him in to see the Vet. I took him to the same Vet he had been seeing for 8 years. The symptoms I described were: excessive drinking, accidents (overabundance of urine), vomiting, diarrhea (soft stools) and flecks of blood in the vomit. Dr. X did a blood test, came back and told me he had liver disease. I asked what the treatment was for liver disease and he said there really wasn’t anything he could do. The next step was to determine how bad and how far along it was by doing an ultrasound. Norman had also been taking Rimadyl for Arthritis pain in his hips and knees. Dr. X. told me to stop giving it to Norman since it could be harmful to the liver. So, I scheduled the ultrasound, stopped the Rimadyl and started feeding Norman a prescription diet food for liver disease.

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