How To Race Pigeons – True Racing Secrets Revealed!

It’s time that you were given the keys to the pigeon racing secrets that you have always been denied.

It’s time you learned the amazingly simple secrets that keep top racing pigeon fanciers winning race after race and stop people like us from having a chance (until now!).

My name is Elliott Lang and I want to show you the quick and easy method you have to follow if you want prize winning racing pigeons.

This is a money-back-guaranteed formula that all of the top pigeon racers are following to push their pigeons ahead of the flock. Without this guide you will be left scratching your head wondering:

Don’t worry, I was in the same boat until a good friend of mine opened up the vault doors and let me in on the secret methods they’d all been using.

I’m offering you a guide to push you out of your rut and start racing your birds in a way that’s going to send shivers down other fanciers’ spines!

I’m not saying you will definitely win this kind of life-changing prize-money but, by improving your training and breeding methods, you will stand a much better chance of walking away with a well-earned reward for your passion.

I am sure you have heard them tell you that there is a lot of money to be made in racing pigeons.

Learn the amazingly simple secrets that keep top pigeon fanciers winning race after race and stop people like us from having a chance (until now!)

… and started to imagine I was my father receiving a message from a secret agent in occupied France. I now understood how he felt. My interest was stimulated and I eagerly opened the message. It was simple… Three words from my father: “Thank you Elliott” it said. It’s hard to describe the emotions that coursed through me that day but I was hooked… no longer were Pigeons strange or a nuisance. It was the start of what has become:

I owe most of my knowledge to my father and all the other ‘old timers’ I’ve spent countless hours with eagerly picking every last scrap of wisdom from their brains. Together we’ve shared our successes and our failures and now — as I promised you — I’m going to share the years of accumulated wisdom with you. All the tips, tricks, skills and solid practical measures you can put into action this very instant to…

Now you too could be in the runnings to win that much-coveted first place with your prize winning birds.

When you follow the steps outlined in this master plan, your next big win could be just around the corner. You’ll find everything you need to know become a great pigeon fancier inside the formidable eBook – 160 pages of information, tips and tricks:

As you flip open the pages you’ll see it contains a wealth of usable tips, tricks and tactics… Starting with the loft then moving onto handling, breeding, laying, diet, training and record keeping. Nothing is left to chance… Soon you’ll be breeding and racing winners like a seasoned old pro. Here’s a brief summary of what’s covered in your book:

Some of the top pigeon fanciers use these tips ‘n tricks to consistently produce big race winners. Clearly when you follow these tips ‘n tricks it will have a distinct affect on your success as a top breeder.

You’ll discover the tightly kept secrets that ace pigeon fanciers use to breed race winning birds that net them those cash prizes. Follow in the footsteps of the professionals and start seeing your pigeons at the top of the leaderboards.

Obviously you’d expect a book of this stature to retail for over $50, when you think of it’s potential. You may be more than happy to pay that amount when you factor in the money that some fanciers win. This tiny investment would be paid for many, many times over if you …

And yet, as this is a newly launched volume I WON’T ask you to invest $67 or even $47 for that matter, though it’s surely worth that. For a limited time only I’m going to give you “How To Race Pigeons ” at the enormously generous price of only $29.97.

However, do NOT rest on your laurels and think that this eBook will be at this insanely low price forever because the price might be increased soon.

You remember I told you earlier that knowledge was key? Well record keeping is one of the foremost ways of increasing your knowledge of your racing flock.

So to make it easy for you to keep the detailed records… and allow you to breed race-winning birds in the shortest possible time you will get — absolutely FREE — a specially designed record pack. You will get: Superb Bonus

All in printable pdf format so you can download them instantly and read them on any computer. This is a $27 value but it’s yours absolutely FREE when you order today.

“If I ever get the chance to thank Elliot in person I’ll jump at it!

Elliot knows pigeons! After reading the manual, and looking at the bonuses I was really happy with it. I printed it out for easy reference, which I could not do with another product I had downloaded. It was easy to see what my pigeons needed to be more competitive. I now understand what I was doing wrong with selecting, breeding and feeding. Easy to read and well worth the price. If I ever get the chance to thank Elliot in person I’ll jump at it!"

"Elliot knows what he’s talking about when it comes to racing pigeons…"

"Elliot knows what he’s talking about when it comes to racing pigeons; he has helped me understand what I was doing wrong with breeding and looking at the lineage of my birds! Having the record keeping guide…