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We are in an awkward predicament with air. We can’t exactly choose not to breathe, and so you are forced to inhale a multitude of pollutants. Stricter regulations for outdoor environments means industries and traffic-related air pollution are decreasing. Yet your home remains unchanged. Take matters into your own hands and cleanse the air in your home. You’ll be stunned by your new reinvigorated self.

Research from Imperial College London has linked air pollution with increased mortality and reduced life expectancy. This study was extensive, as it measured pollutant concentrations between 1999-2015.

It showed pollutants are primarily associated with cardiorespiratory conditions, such as heart attack, stroke and asthma.

With fresh air comes so many health benefits. We don’t want to inhale harsh pollutants that will enter our bloodstream. Instead, simple techniques in the course will reduce allergies and asthmatic cases, as well as better quality sleep and improved mood. But that’s not all. Your brain consumes about 20% of our bodies oxygen, so you’ll feel more alert and productive. Plus, improved lung functioning, as in many cases, poor indoor air quality can be more damaging to your health than cigarettes.

Maybe you’re sick fed up with all your prescription medication. The nasal sprays, decongestants and antihistamines may be doing more harm than good…

Maybe you’re hay-fever is noticeably impacting your quality of life. It’s not just affecting you outside, as the pollen granules are easily dragged into your home…

Maybe you constantly feel like you have a cold. In actual fact, these cold-like symptoms may be the result of indoor air pollution…

Maybe you struggle to retain your concentration. You lack the energy to get work done because your mood and energy is affected…

Maybe you struggle to sleep at night due to a stuffy bedroom. This increases the likelihood of snoring and developing sleep apnea .

This course makes so much sense once you understand there is an invisible killer amongst us! I would never let somebody smoke in my home, but I never gave a second thought to other sources of pollution. It’s made a savvy, environmentally-conscious shopper.

I had no idea air pollution could impact my quality of life so profoundly until I completed this course. I place a HEPA filter in my bedroom at night, whilst substituting for natural cleaning products and my allergy symptoms disappeared.

A year ago I noticed my daughter would react badly whenever our dog came close to her. Here we are 6 months after implementing the steps. No allergic reactions! I was amazed and so glad we didn’t have to find a new home for our dog because he means so much to the family.

My doctor continually prescribed nasal sprays to help with my horrible congestion. He never stopped to think my symptoms were caused by air pollution. And neither did I.It kind of goes under the radar. But now I live in a healthy home free from pollutants. Thats what was causing the inflammation to begin with, and since I’ve gotten rid of the source, I breathe a lot easier.

Thank you so much for putting so much effort into this. Your knowledge on air quality is evidently clear.

Very thorough and comprehensive. Truly is a mind-blowing concept to understand how much of an effect air pollution has on your body.

This exceeded all of my expectations. Especially due to the easily-implementable steps to achieve clean air. So many homeowners need this.