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You won’t see that on other Trading System…. I’m not going to give you the usual lies… …I’m not going to give you the usual hype I’m 100% Sure You’d Love to Trade Like this! and Let me Assure You YOU CAN Do it Too 100%

The Blue Dot tells You it’s Time to Bank Your Profits. You made 37pips within 26 minutes on this trade. Nice!

All You Need is to Trade the Buy and Sell Alerts! There is No Hard Work Involved

As I sit here this morning reading about and watching the ‘AIMS System’, I just have to write to tell you how impressed I am with the system and the support. In my other life, I live on the west coast in the US and work what we call swing shift, which is not real conducive to trading.

I purchased your system two days ago after returning how from work which is 11.00pm out time. Since that time I have already emailed twice with questions and received answer to both. Sitting here this morning studying the blog and reading this new eBook and reading the latest response I decided to trade the system. In less than 3 hours I made 120 pips, with no add-ons. I am truly impressed and I thank you

I usually dont post on forums, but I had to report that using your strategy today was amazing. I bracketed the saddle point and added on 6 more times to gain over 300 Pips in 45 minutes on the M1 chart. The red dot was present. The AO was clsoe to Zero Line and the Alligator’s mouth was open on both the M1 and M5. I trailed my stops and locked my gains and got out after the blue dot appeared. I should have exited immediately and would have gained 350 but I was stopped out for 300. Thank You for sharing this trading method.

Edmund’s tried all the indicators and got fed up, then he found this strategy I’ve been playing Forex for 2 years. I tried thousands of types of indicators but nothing helped . One day I came across the images from AIMS Blog, so neat and easy to understand. I visited AIMS Blog to understand the concept behind it. The web site stated that its so simple to trade this strategy that you could do it within 10 seconds. And that the setup needed only 3 indicators. It was hard to believe

Oh, I tell my wife , I found my holy grail !!! from that day on , my account keeps growing !!!! I must say thanks to them for turning me into a successful trader using a simple system.

Hello, Immy, Well my first day in the room, 100 pips profit. Is this for real? Am I dreaming? I honestly don’t know. As I been up for what seems like all week, I think that maybe this is some sort of Forex nirvana!! I have been trying to trade successfully for many years with the same result ….margin call. I remember reading Bill Williams book when it first came out, but not being able to put it all together. Yet yesterday I bought a PDF (AIMS-Ebook) for 100 bucks that has given me more hope than I have had in years!!! Am I dreaming? As someone who has read most material on market behavior I am aware of how the markets move in the way that R.N. Elliot described. But how to trade it properly? That was the question. So seeing the double bottom on the 5 min. today I knew what to expect, an impulse wave, but will this 99 dollar simplistic software catch it? I seriously doubt it. Yet there it was impulse wave off the bottom then the alligator closed its mouth a blue dot appeared and the traders wet dream occurred, I caught wave 3!!! Very clear no ambiguity just follow the rules. Immy I really don’t know if you know what you have here, but there was a gentleman in the room that was gushing over what he saw trading 5 screens and all. I completely agree with his assessment, AIMS rocks. O.K. Its only been one day, and really I don’t even know all the rules and nuances, but I am EXTREAMLY encouraged. I have a long way to go but thanks for the hope!!! Have a great weekend, Duane

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Q: Does AIMS Stress Free Forex Trading System Work on All Time Frames, Stocks or Commodities? A: Yes! This works on all time frames and any currency pair, stock, commodity or literally anything that can be displayed as a chart. Q: How much money can I expect to make? A: We believe 10%-20% per month is easily achievable and a 100% possible too. However, profitability varies from person to person, depending on your experience and skill level. But progression with this System is NOT a slow process. Many traders have excelled quite quickly others require a bit longer.

Q: Is my purchase backed by a guarantee? A: Yes, we are so confident that you will love AIMS Stress Free Trading that we offer you a 60 day risk free money back guarantee.

Q: What type of customer support will I receive? A: You will receive an e-mail from us in 24 to 48 hours on regular working days. We make sure our customers are taken care of as soon as possible. You can also contact Live Support during working hours.

Q: Will the indicators work on my computer? A: Yes, it will work on any computer that has metatrader 4 installed.

Q: Will the indicators work on other trading platforms such as Ninja Trader, Tradestation etc? A: No, currently our…