Virtual Boxer – Boxing Training Program – Boxing Game – Try For Free!

This is just one slow drill out of 35 + 6 fights in 3 speeds that you get in Virtual Boxer (+lefty lite!) (New to boxing? Here are some Free Boxing Lessons Videos to help you out.)

First and foremost, Virtual Boxer will train you to instantly RECOGNIZE all the common punches and even combinations that may be thrown at you by an attacker, so you can easily see them coming and consistently avoid getting hit by them.

Using all kinds of useful 3-speed drills and fight simulations, Virtual Boxer will help you remember and organize your favorite defensive AND offensive techniques in your brain, so you can INSTANTLY pull them when needed.

Training with Virtual Boxer will greatly strengthen your cardio endurance, so you can last even longer without getting tired! (At the gym, in the ring, on the streets, in bed…)

Unlike training with real training partners who are seeking (and are also legally allowed) to punch you in the face and body, Virtual Boxer will never hurt you while training with it.

Virtual Boxer will train you in fighting against a southpaw fighter (a lefty) VERY important! (See the Southpaw simulator). Southpaw LITE comes with Virtual Boxer as a free bonus.

Virtual Boxer will help you achieve super elusive head movement and quicker foot work, so you can make sure that even fewer of your opponents punches actually hit you.

Using an audible trainer that constantly tells you what to do and what not to do in order to better your boxing, Virtual Boxer will shape and tighten your fighting style and make a more protected and dangerous fighter out of you.

You can use Virtual Boxer for getting used to fighting AS A SOUTHPAW (as a lefty) and also own the lefty advantage. PLUS, with the southpaw version you can train yourself in fighting AS A SOUTHPAW AGAINST A SOUTHPAW!!! How cool is that?!?!

Safe power-striking training: You can strike as fast and as explosive as you like without making your training partner whine about it (Just make sure you keep a safe distance from the screen!)

If you’re a beginner, Virtual Boxer will save you about $1200 for the first year at the local fight gym. (about $100 a month!) Dont be your training partners punching bag at the fight gym as a newbie! Get Virtual Boxer first and achieve twice the skills in a third of the time! Join the fight gym later more knowledgeable, skillful and confident, kick everyone’s ass and STILL have that money that you didn’t spend on the first year…

Virtual Boxer will encourage you to develop your speed: Striking speed, response speed and movement speed.

Guys, mastering Virtual Boxer and getting confident in your abilities WILL eventually result in WAY more attraction from the ladies…

Using Virtual Boxer regularly (and becoming good at it) will result in less violence against you due to the growth of your apparent self-confidence and the positive changes in your physique. Also, Encouraging your KID to master Virtual Boxer will raise his self confidence and self esteem and will result in less to no bully attacks at him at school, especially if someone tries to punch him and he skillfully defends himself.

If you’re an experienced fighter and you decide that you want to give Virtual Boxer a shot, there’s a good chance that while using it you’ll find quite a few halls in your game that need to be fixed. Use Virtual Boxer and Southpaw Boxing Simulator to systematically close all of these halls and become an even better, more protected fighter!

If you love training with your heavy bag, Virtual Boxer will enhance that experience using the help of the audible trainer in the background (especially with some music), and take its effectiveness (and your skills) to the next level.

Virtual Boxer Is EVEN MORE USEFUL in times when you CANT punch the heavy bag or train with people due to an injured hand (knuckles, wrist, skin etc.) because in front of the simulator you only touch the air!

You can train with Virtual Boxer HOW MUCH that you want, WHENEVER you want and AS WILD as you want without being dependent on anyone.

Each time you learn or think of a new defense to a certain punch or even to a combination, you can try it out on the specific defend each strike/combination separately simulation and see how it feels and if it works for you. No real orthodox nor southpaw partners needed!

Virtual Boxer gives you tons of free boxing video lessons (Literally DOZENS in most aspects of boxing) – so you won’t feel that as a beginner you’re on your own, trying to fighure out what to do in front of the simulator.

Being really good at fighting Virtual Boxer will get you more respect from friends and family, especially when they see your super impressive gameplays on YouTube, Facebook etc.

Virtual Boxer is a shadow boxing experience enhancer and shadow boxing in front of it is a lot more exciting and in many ways even more effective than traditional shadow boxing. Now, don’t get me wrong, traditional shadow boxing is also effective and fun, but it doesn’t come with most of the benefits that Virtual Boxer gives you (found on this page) and it’s also not nearly as addictive…

Virtual Boxer plants good reflexes in you and after enough training can even save you from being sucker punched. (Sucker punches are surprise punches and you’ll have to WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN if you want to avoid being hit by one though…)

Virtual Boxer offers awesome energetic background music to help you have more fun and squeeze more out of your cardio when training.

Using Virtual Boxer regularly helps eliminating your everyday fears. Once you KNOW that you can handle most (unarmed) attackers, you’ll be no longer scared all the time of other men!

Older active fighters who notice an INCREASE in their reaction time, (which…