Cover The Draw

Like a GAMBLE on the Football? What if it wasn’t so much of a GAMBLE any more? Read on to find out how I have made £4,328.25 so far this season

That’s a known fact. Want to back Man City to win and you’re lucky to get 1/10, that’s £100 on to win a tenner.

These bets also known as accumulators rely on multiple results to come in and if one lets you down, as it usually does then you can wave goodbye to your bet.

Using the DOUBLE CHANCE market where you get a team to win and draw the game, your bet still comes in.

Most punters and tipsters alike, look for big odds 20/1 ACCA’s and hit less than 1 in 20. They scream from the rooftops when one comes in and then go quiet for weeks on end as bet after bet busts with one wrong result, usually a drawn game.

But what if you could place a daily bet that comes in more often than not and still get odds of 4/1, 5/1 and even 6/1.

You don’t need a degree to work out that winning over 50% of the time at odds of 4/1 and higher works out to be very profitable.

No pie in the sky dreaming of a £100 bet on a 20/1 acca that going to net you £2,000 profit.

Well I’m sure a losing team at the weekend would disagree but when it comes to betting, its the one result that happens more often than you’d think.

Just look at the Caraboa Cup when Derby looked like winning Man Utd until the late 95th minute equalizer.

Not I’m not sure too many people who would have backed Derby, especially in an ACCA but that 95th minute goal will have screwed you over.

With my method, the pick was Man Utd, and that 95th minute goal and draw after full time means we won our bet.

Same happened at the weekend in the Chelsea v Liverpool game. I had Liverpool (or the Draw), a late equalizer saved the bet once again and even though I didn’t pick the winning team, my bets still came in.

I run a daily service and cover leagues across the world, if there’s UK football thats where my priority goes, but when there is no UK football we don’t have to sit on our hands waiting for the weekend or midweek fixtures.

Cardiff v Burnley – Burnley (or Draw) Frankfurt v Hannover – Frankfurt (or Draw) Fiorentina v Atlanta – Fiorentina (or Draw) Frosinone v Genoa – Genoa (or Draw) Acca Odds: 4.98 £100 bet saw a return of £498.00

Arsenal v Watford – Arsenal (or Draw) Everton v Fulham – Everton (or Draw) Huddersfield v Tottenham – Tottenham (or Draw) Man City v Brighton – Man City (or Draw) Newcastle v Leicester – Leicester (or Draw) Wolves v Southampton – Wolves (or Draw) Acca Odds: 5.87 £100 bet saw a return of £587.00

Sheff Wed v Leeds – Leeds (or Draw) Bristol City v Villa – Villa (or Draw) Vallencano v Espanyol (or Draw) Acca Odds: 2.17 £100 bet saw a return of £217.00

Empoli v AC Milan – AC Milan (or Draw) Girona v Betis – Betis (or Draw) Viby v FC Copenhagen – FC Copenhagen (or Draw) Valladolid v Levante – Levante (or Draw)

Arsenal v Brentford – Arsenal (or Draw) West Ham v Macclesfield – West Ham (or Draw) Tottenahm v Watford – Tottenham (or Draw) Nottingham Forest v Stoke – Stoke (or Draw) Acca Odds: 2.78 £100 bet lost (£100 loss)

Bournemouth v Blackpool – Bournemouth (or Draw) Millwall v Fulham – Fulham (or Draw) Oxford Utd v Man City – Man City (or Draw) Man Utd v Derby – Man Utd (or Draw) West Brom v Crystal Palace – Crystal Palace (or Draw)

Odense v Horsens – Odense (or Draw) Niort v Lens – Lens (or Draw) Pamionios v Olympiakos – Olympiakos (or Draw) Lillestrom v Tromso – Lillestrom (or Draw)

Over the 7 weeks from the start of the season I’ve been averaging £618 profit per week but this week goes to show that winning at odds of 2.17, 3.01 and 3.28 and winning consistently is better than winning one bet in 20 and looking at 20/1 ACCA’s.

So sign up today and get today’s bet, no messing, just sign up either for the rest of the season or for a one month trial below and I will send you my daily bet every single day.

This is a one time fee, you will not be charged again. You will not be offered anything else to buy. This fee is fully refundable if you are not happy with the service for any reason.

Every league in every country including cup competitions are covered, I stick to the UK football when there are fixtures and then move on to Europe and then the rest of the world.

90% of the time there will be bets, some times either the fixtures available are not suitable or I am not able to give the necessary time to making the selections. I only bet when I feel 100% on a ACCA. Expect 1 "no bet" day every 2 weeks.

You can bet anything you like, from as little as £1, £2 per selection up to £100 or more if you wish. I would suggest starting with something you are comfortable and you can always increase your stake after a few wins. Never bet what you cannot afford to lose.

Yes, you need access to the DOUBLE CHANCE market, this is available on Betfair Sportsbook, Bet365, Ladbrokes, SkyBet, William Hill and many others. If you need help finding the market please just ask.

I look for a minimum of 3 bets, or an ACCA that pays out over 2.0. ACCA’s can stretch up to 10 games on busy days.

Most days will be one bet days. Some days there will be 2 bets. You can either place the 2 bets or…