How to get rid of your skinny fat Dad Bod or Beer Belly – Free Presentation!

Cortisol and testosterone have the same mother hormone, and overproduction of cortisol can rapidly deplete your production of this vital sex hormone, causing your to put on fat and lose muscle mass. 

Secret #2: How to Fight Chronic Inflammation that’s Keeping you From Burning Fat and Building Muscle!

A lack of nutrition and vital micronutrients can send your levels of inflammation through the roof, causing you to put on belly fat, lose muscle mass, and raise your risk of chronic disease!

The major key to burning fat and building muscle lies in your ability to respond to the hormone insulin. Overeating and low activity levels create a vicious cycle where your body constantly stores fat and starves your muscle cells of vital nutrients!

A plan of attack to help you identify the potential root causes of your SKINNY FAT or BEER BELLY  DAD BOD and begin making progress toward the body YOU WANT!

A complete guide that makes calculating your daily macronutrient and calorie intake EASY as 1 2 3! 

Sample meal plans and meal ideas to help you BLAST through FAT, build MUSCLE, and have a great time while you’re doing it!

Learn what to eat at restaurants so you can go to social engagements and work events WITHOUT STRESS or ANXIETY about what to eat!

9 weeks of workouts that you can do either in the gym or anywhere you want to help you ELIMINATE excuses and get to your goal!

Access to recipes, tips, and direct guidance from Chris through the Dad Bod Destruction PRIVATE Facebook Group!

And, as with anything I sell, it includes a 60 DAY money back guarantee!  If you’re not satisfied for any reason I will refund you your money!

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