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As a Member of the Reiki Healing Association (R.H.A.) you can ADD Your own Reiki Practice Details to our Reiki Practitioner Directory, and begin Promoting Your Reiki Practice and/or Reiki Training School to Potential Reiki Clients or Students searching for a local Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. It’s a Great Way to promote your reiki practice and it can really help you to Build authority and credibility and of course Attract New Reiki Clients and Students and remember Your Very Own Permanent Reiki Directory Listing Is included with your membership at no extra cost

As an R.H.A. Member you can add Your own Reiki Live Events, such as Workshops or Reiki Shares etc to our Reiki Live Events Diary, and begin Promoting Your upcoming Reiki Live Workshops etc to Potential Reiki Clients or Students searching for a local reiki Workshop or reiki share. You can add unlimited live events to our reiki events diary, so if for example you run workshops on a weekly or monthly basis you can add every workshop to our events diary forever at no extra cost. That’s free advertising to potentially thousands of reiki clients or reiki student’s forever. This feature alone is worth the membership fee. What’s also great is our system will automatically delete the event for you 24 hours after the event has finished so your Reiki Live events listings will always be up to date and current. So you can list all your events and forget about them, knowing our system will do all event listings account maintenance for you on auto pilot.

You will get instant access to our Reiki Healing Association Logo’s Which you can download and add To your Own Reiki Website, Blog, Social Media Pages or Accounts and of course to any Promotional Material Like Leaflets, Flyers or Advertising Banners etc. This is a great way to Build Credibility and Trust With any Potential Reiki Clients or Students.

You will Get Instant Access to our Branded R.H.A Reiki Training Manuals which cover all 3 Levels of Usui Reiki. The 3 Reiki Manuals can be used in your own Reiki Workshops and either Printed Out or Given Away digitally as a PDF to Your Own Reiki Students as long as you don’t edit or change the Original Documents.

You will get Instant Access to Our Reiki Healing Association Membership Certificate Which you can Download, Edit (add your name) and Print Adding another layer of Credibility and Trust To Your Reiki Practice or Reiki Training School. This is another great way to Build Confidence and Authority with any Potential Reiki Clients or Students.

You will Get Access to special discounted Reiki Practitioner Insurance Rates saving you money annually. Although Reiki cannot do any harm; it is a legal requirement for anyone practicing Reiki Professionally to have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance that covers you and your Reiki Practice.

A Free Subscription to Our Bi-Weekly Reiki Marketing Tips Newsletter, filled with practical Tools, Tips and Techniques to help you Build a Successful Reiki Practice and Reiki Training School. Our Goal is to help You Build a Busy and Successful Reiki Practice/School so you can help spread Reiki to every corner of the Planet.

Access to ongoing Exclusive Members Only Training Webinars and Videos Monthly Business and Marketing Training to help you Attract More Clients and Students.

Interaction with Fellow Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters. The opportunity to Network and Arrange Local Reiki Meet-Ups and Reiki Shares.

Ongoing Support via Email and Our Various Social Media Channels Like Facebook, Twitter and of course our Blog

Life Time Membership for a One Time Investment of just $97 USD. All Inclusive Reiki Healing Community in-line with the True Meaning and Ethos of Reiki. Members Must Hold a Minimum of Reiki Practitioner Certification and agree to Abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. No More Annual Membership Fees; Save Money Year on Year!

We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your membership of the Reiki Healing Association, so we are more than happy to back up this wonderful offer, with all its benefits with our 100% no quibble 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

So if at any time in the next two months you are not happy and no longer want to remain a member of the Reiki Healing Association you can just drop us an email via our contact page and we will happily refund your investment, no questions asked.

Please Click on the Join the Community button below now to Become a Lifetime Member Today for Just $97 USD.

The Reiki Healing Association Membership is 100% Digital. Everything included in the R.H.A. Membership can be accessed via the Secure Members Area; and where applicable be instantly downloaded in the case of the Logo’s, Manuals and Certificate etc. Nothing will be sent to you in the Mail.

Don’t forget, your Reiki Healing Association Membership is completely risk-free. If within the next 8 WEEKS, and for any reason at all, you feel this system is not for you, simply let us know and you’ll receive an immediate and FULL REFUND – with our complete blessings.

Finally, let me remind you… you’ll never be left on your own. You can contact us via email for help and advice at any time. If you still have any questions after reading through the FAQ’s section below, please get in touch using the Contact form below.

Our Reiki Healing Association Lifetime Membership Package is currently on Special Offer for just $97 USD.

Although we are a global Reiki Association based in the UK; we use US dollars because they are the generally accepted currency of the net.

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