How A Piece Of Sushi Took Me From A Stumbling, Hesitant, Complete FAILURE With Women To Dating Playboy Bunnies, Yoga Teachers, & Models…

And you can too:WITHOUT using any sleazy “pickup” techniques…WITHOUT wearing ridiculous clothes…WITHOUT having to fake a “bad boy” attitude….And even if you’ve never dated anything but “average women” before in your life…In a moment, I’m going to tell you a shocking story about how a piece of sushi changed my life forever…

I’m also going to flat out GIVE YOU THE KEY to the #1 factor in attracting beautiful women – regardless of your age, height, looks, wealth, or anything else.

What you’ll find shocking is that you likely already know about it, the problem is that nobody has ever shown you how to get it. But that’s all about to change…

After I divorced my wife, you can imagine how I felt. I lost my family. I was broke. I was feeling rotten about myself. I couldn’t imagine any woman would EVER want to date me. I felt like if someone introduced a woman to me, the first words out of my mouth would be:

Everything I had ever read or watched about women said that confidence was the number one quality that turned women on. I knew to the core of my depressed soul that in order to attract women, I needed to show it and I needed to show it fast.

But the truth is, I didn’t FEEL confident. In fact, I felt the exact opposite! I doubted myself deeply and didn’t feel worthy to be with an amazing woman.

What made things worse was that everything I had ever read about attracting women told me I had to be a different person – wear crazy clothes – put women down – put on a mask and be someone that I not only WASN’T, but did not want to be. (Plus, my sons would totally make fun of me if I tried any of that silly, embarrassing posturing.)

What I secretly hoped was that I’d get lucky… meet my dream woman… and then she’d just like me so much that my lack of confidence wouldn’t matter.

I had just come in from a job in Munich and I was in New York, feeling low, and alone. A friend recommended a place called Sushi Samba. It was packed.

Next to me, there was a slender young man, picking at his plate. I asked “What are you eating?” as I looked up at his face.

This was the most beautiful girl…21, skin smooth and creamy as brie, her pixie like face framed in a short bob haircut…

Listen – I had just spent the last 3 weeks in Munich…I had studied philosophy in college, and I had been a tour guide in New York. This exquisite angelic beauty had been a philosophy major and said to me – in a sentence that I couldn’t have scripted…

“I am an Armani model. I just moved here from Munich last night and I don’t know anybody in this city.”I know — a perfect Hollywood moment, right?

Every guy in the world DREAMS of a moment like this where you are given instant connection, instant authority – an open door.

“SAY something! Do Something! ANYTHING!” I didn’t have the words. I didn’t have the body language. I didn’t have the ability to make her feel intrigued, to trust me, or want me…In short…

I had ZERO Confidence, And It Showed…Our conversation stumbled forward after this, strained and awkward.

This was the moment I had been waiting years for! To meet a beautiful, sweet, friendly…supermodel! And I had nothing.

From that day forward, I made it a point to read everything important EVER written about male attraction with women. Meet every guru. Take every workshop.

And during this time, I made a strange discovery – NOBODY – not any dating, pickup, or relationship expert will EVER tell you.

I realized that I did NOT have to be 100% confident to inspire the interest of a beautiful woman. I just needed to know the triggers to make her FEEL that she was with a confident man.That’s what was the single biggest “aha” I ever had with women. Because like me, the typical guy spends much of his life in a vicious cycle — waiting for a beautiful woman to like him so he can feel confident…but never being able to GET a beautiful woman because he lacks confidence.

But the triggers I discovered STOP that never-ending cycle…and give you a short-cut to at least seeming confident with women, so they want you and results follow.

Before I discovered these triggers, I was utterly hopeless with women. We’ve all seen the whipped married guy with no balls who does anything his wife says…that was me.

And I was still that guy! Women just looked right through me. They just saw me as a “friendly” guy…not the guy who would take them home and make wild passionate love to them all night. And it hurt.

Using these triggers, I’m never lost in conversation – and, rather than ever having to prove myself to women…

I’ve learned how to flip the power so that women “mysteriously” find they feel the need to prove themselves to me.

These triggers – a few of which I’m going to give you in a second – allow me to be relaxed, confident, and magnetic to women, even when I am not feeling that way inside.

That’s crucial, because if you currently don’t feel confident around women, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Because no matter how you feel right now, you’ll finally be able to appear confident- and therefore, attract any woman, anywhere – starting TODAY.

Listen closely – I’m going to share with you 3 triggers that you can use on ANY…