(1) Message from Alexander – Manifestation Magic

…A few weeks ago everything just fall to pieces. I thought that was the end for me. I lost everything, my house but most of all my faith.

I bought your Manifestation Magic and in less than a week a lot has changed. I was always in fear what will happen to me and all of a sudden my puzzles pieces are coming back again…

I can only say WOW for everything you did for me and a change in my lifestyle. Thank you I really appreciate it.

…My destiny is to help women who have been left with children and animals to fend for themselves. I am going to give them a home for the rest of their lives! Huge responsibility but I am up for it

I’ve been listening to these audios repeatedly for a while now. I’ve been seeing 555, 11:11, 22:22 nothing happened for a while but after about 2 weeks, my sales have gone from 3 figures a month to 4 figures a month and it keeps growing. I still can’t believe this works.. what magic is this?!

Here’s my tip – don’t give up if it doesn’t happen immediately.. set your intentions clearly (very important), keep listening until you see the signs repeatedly, whatever it is you’re trying to manifest – it’s coming. Signs were everywhere for me – especially on my phone and my computer. I just kept seeing it, so I kept listening, putting out positive vibes and it finally happened for me.

Having just read the whole of the Quick Start Guide I am highly impressed with the level of detail and clear and precise directions that you have provided. You have demystified so many things that I was not clear about especially with the visualisation which has eluded me up till now. I am actually feeling quite excited that this can work for me and I’m not one to get excited easily! I am extremely impressed with Manifestation Magic so far, a thoroughly worthwhile investment.

Alexander, I purchased your program and have been using it every day since. Your programs resonate with me and I will continue to use them.

So, please do not worry. I purchased two other manifestation programs in the past that do not compare with what you produce. I use Manifestation Magic exclusively.

I’ve tried lots of other audios before – Brainwave, Subliminals, Hypnosis, you name it I’ve tried them all.. so I was expecting this to be like the same old crap I tried. But WHOA these audios are different!! I feel so energized and confident, I feel like new man! I don’t care much about money but my focus is self-transformation! …It’s weird I am seeing myself become stronger and feel more powerful day after day!

I’ve recently started using your program and must admit to having a hefty dose of skepticism before beginning, having tried lots of similar programs in the past. However, after listening as suggested to several of the audios over a few days and beginning to complete the order form, I am amazed at the result so far! Apart from a shift in consciousness, after I filled in part one of the form and visualized a business class seat for my upcoming UK trip (which I had already booked economy), today in my email box I received a flier from the very carrier I was flying with telling me about their business class deals! If that’s not a sign that the universe is listening and putting wheels in motion, I don’t know what is! Very impressed and looking forward to moving in a new direction.

A billionaire contacted me within 2 minutes and I sold a camera I literally just posted within 3…WHOA

… I seem to be able to deal with whatever is being thrown at me at the moment and deal with it and let it go.

At least now, (and this is just after a few days) I can say I deserve and receive whatever the universe wants to give me…..instead of, I don’t deserve.

Thank You – very much! Funny thing… When I opened my eyes after listening…. it was 1:11… I got a tingle when I saw the numbers.

Alexander thank you for the wonderful gift. It has helped me to remain positive and look at my life in a different light. Things are moving and manifesting. Thank you so much to bring my great vision to life. The sky’s the limit. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

Alex I really love these audio’s since listening to them I have won over $2,000 when playing my slot machines. It’s incredible. I feel more confident..

I have seen so many results in my business and I can tell as long as I continue to use these audios, they are clearing out the negative and renewing my subconscious mind. Which was the missing link I needed in order to really progress and succeed. So I thank you so much.

*Sir: I just wanted to tell you about what happened to me on 10-01-2018. I received a check for $861.85 out of nowhere. The letter stated that I was overcharged in interest from a loan that I got some time ago and this was my share of the settlement. What makes this so surprising is that I have not even gone through all the stuff I received from you.

I’m really impressed with the audio, you tell me to listen 2 times a day, but I can not, I’m listening all the time. , this really calms me down, I’m somewhere else, everything is happening faster, for example sometimes I think of a person and seconds later there is her! Alex I’m so happy for you to be part of my life and all of us !! I really feel the wealth and prosperity I’m already living in abundance…