Free Waterproof Lighter From FPA

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The ability to make fire is essential in any emergency situation. Boil water, cook foods, stay warm and even signal for help. This little bulletproof water will make sure you will ALWAYS have the ability to make fire anywhere, even in a flood.

We needed a good way to tell people about the Family Protection Association. We are a 64,000+ member strong movement of tactical minded citizens. 

members opinions. That’s why we need you, your feedback and your opinions. Inside your package you’ll find a card like this to send back once you’ve tested your free gear.

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LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Rest easy because your waterproof lighter is protected by Lifestrike’s Ironclad Lifetime Warranty

ALL-IN-ONE STAINLESS STEEL – Contains the replaceable flint and replaceable wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket or on your keychain, ready for any camping, survival, or emergency use

STRIKES HOT AND BURNS HOT – The Lifestrike flame burns at over 600 degrees fahrenheit, so you’re virtually guaranteed to start a fire when you need it

100% WATERPROOF – The built in o-ring keeps your lighter fluid from evaporating. PLUS it’s refillable to last forever.