PS3 Manual™ – Repair PS3 YLOD, Green light, red light and the red screen today!

I face frustrated customers on a daily basis as they come to my repairshop with their PS3’s. Not only are my customers frustrated but they’re really angry about their PS3’s being broken. The most common PS3 problems I face on a daily basis is the Yellow Loght of death, The Red Light, The Green Light and the Red Screen. As if these errors weren’t enough people exprience all kinds of PS3 error codes such as PS3 error code 8001050f.

To make matters worse sony ain’t doing anything to help solve these PS3 problems, all they do is keep charging a $200 fee and let you wait for 6 weeks, as if that wasn’t enough recently a friend of mine was charged $300 for the yellow light of death error. Sony is a rip-off and I’m hoping that this website will ease the pain for many PS3 owners out there.

Even after you fork out $200-$300 to sony for repairs sony gives no guarantees whatsoever that the error won’t happen again in the near future and when it does happen again you have no choice but to pay yet anouther $200-$300 to get your PS3 repaired a 2nd time.

This just isn’t fair, you’ve bought your PS3 to play games and have fun not to face problems! But worry no more, I’ve started this website to help people like yourself solve their PS3 problems for good.

I’m going to show you simple and fast ways through which you can have your PS3 back to the way it was before the errors.

I’m a PS3 repairman by profession and I’ve been running my own playstation repairshop since 1998. I’ve been repairing playstations for 13 years now, but lately PS3 has been the main focus of my business as that’s what most people have in their homes. Also another reason I’m getting so much PS3’s in for repair is the fact that PS3 seems to have a particular problem which is very common amongst PS3 owners… The most common problems have to do with the PS3 lights: PS3 Yellow Light Of Death PS3 Flashing/Blinking Red Light Of Death Flashing/Blinking PS3 Green Light Of Death PS3 Red Screen Of Death The good news is all these problems aren’t difficult to fix and can easily be repaired at home.

The choice is yours by getting the PS3 Manual today you’ll not only save money and fix your PS3 but you’ll also have access to it for life, which means you can refer back to the PS3 Manual in the even that some other error strikes your PS3 in the future. Here’s what the PS3 Manual will do for you:

– Save 6 weeks of your precious time takes only an hour! – Save $200-$300 on repair costs!

Save your money no need to pay $200-$300 to Sony… The repairing of your PS3 should be covered by Sony’s guarantee but it isn’t, sony will still demand that you pay them $200-$300 for the repairs. You might even end up receiving someone else’s PS3 after the repair!

No need for expensive equipment as all you need is a toothpaste, computer, internet connection and a common screw driver.

24/7 and Life Time support, if you need help with your repair or understanding the repair instructions simply contact us and we’ll make sure your problems are solved swiftly by myself and my dedicated team of PS3 technicians.

I Guarantee that the PS3 Manual will solve your PS3 problems! But if for any reason it doesn’t you can ask for a refund THE SAME DAY! When you order right now you’ll get a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, you simply can’t lose!

P.S. This guide is only available for $37 for a limited time. Do not assume that you can come back later and own this course for the same price.

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