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TRAINERS’ Package: The Mega-value Explosive Icebreakers & Games Galore! Package

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This 160-page eBook is categorized into seven sections – General, Business, Law & Politics, Science, Sports, Leisure, and Religion. Packed with over 400 of probably the world’s wackiest teasers in "classic style", this amazing eBook will set your brain into hyperdrive and boost your word power manifold!

Excellent for use as: Teambuilding activities, icebreakers, energizers, workshop activities, classroom teaching, parties, retreats, family gatherings, boardroom meetings, sales meetings, personal vocabulary, brain stimulation, creative & critical thinking, visual memory markers, etc. size: 8.7MB (classic black and white) Price: $19.95

TRAINERS’ FAVORITE CHOICE: 100 Powerpacked Energizers & Icebreakers [powerpoint slideshow]

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Powerpoint Slideshow: 100 mind-popping Icebreakers, Energizers & Visual Games (Animated Series) For Facilitators, Presenters, Trainers, Instructors, Teachers & Educators

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I want to know more about 100 mind-popping Icebreakers, Energizers & Visual Games (Animated Series)

size: 8.5MB (in full color) Price: $39.95

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