Invincible – Bold, Confident And Dominant – Scot McKay – CB – Deserve What You Want Landing

If so, was it at the zoo or a circus, or was it in the wild…like in east Africa on the Serengeti?

The wild lion pierces you with his sheer swagger.  There’s that quiet, regal resolve that has rightfully earned him the title “King of the Jungle”.

The awe-inspiring fire in his eyes earns him universal respect.  No other creature dares to challenge him.

But the lion that’s subject to captivity soon loses his edge.  That fire in his eyes fades until even the glimmer of hope is quenched.

Before long, all you see when you look into the windows of his soul is the hollow emptiness of shame and defeat.  He’s beaten down…and there’s no fight left in him.  

  Tragically, more perfectly good, worthy men than ever before feel as if we’re somehow held captive nowadays.  Like lions in a cage, we lose that fire in our eyes.

We’re constantly told our masculinity is irrelevant at best, if not “toxic” at worst.  

  But what you’ve suspected all along is true.  When you boldly reject the assault on your self-worth that threatens your very identity at its core, the fire is rekindled.

You regain the power to get what you want and do as you please…purely because you are who the hell you say you are.

You walk into a room and inspire respect.  Everyone around you acknowledges you’ve arrived…even as your influence is felt long after you leave.

In the bedroom, you’re bold, confident and dominant…fulfilling every woman’s naughtiest fantasies.

All of that guilt and shame you’ve never quite been able to wrap your head around for years is lifted.

And to the King belong the spoils:  The more feminine a woman is, the more powerfully she responds.  After all, you’re now the man she’s wanted all along.

You are not “toxic” because you are male.  You are not part of the “rape culture” problem simply because you are heterosexual.

Being BOLD, POWERFUL and yes…DOMINANT is the most exciting and compelling gift possible to the feminine, similarly virtuous and indescribably sexy woman of your dreams.

You already know that being a jerk or even a “bad boy” is wrong-headed.  But being “Mr. Nice Guy” hasn’t worked either.  Most men are simply left in the lurch…running scared.

We’ve been told our masculinity is not relevant in the way it once was.  And until now, nobody has explained how to be a man TODAY…in the here and now.  We’ve simply been told to stop “manning up”, with no suggestion of what to replace it with.

But you’ve sensed all along that abdicating your manhood role–as it’s been understood for millennia–doesn’t feel right.  That’s because you’ve been lied to.  Your male identity doesn’t need to be replaced.  It simply needs to operate as intended in the fullness of masculine power and dominant energy.

I ask you, does the phrase “dominant energy” make you uneasy?  If so, that’s because of societal conditioning.  The real-world truth is feminine women crave your dominance, as long as its purpose is to inspire confidence and security in the very women you desire.

And today…the answers sought by real men of character who feel good and right about their masculinity are revealed.

In a world where most men are more like pussycats, nobody has offered any clue as to how to be lions instead.

In all seriousness, though, this is exactly what most of you have been hammering me for over the past few years.

What’s inside this program is so brash and incendiary, you’re most likely going to feel an adrenaline rush of power.  But you may also be utterly appalled.

Ultimately, it’s not for everyone. Some of you will be angered by the truth I throw on the table, while others will be thoroughly transformed and renewed by it.

Enough is enough.   Relations between men and women are rapidly deteriorating and the very nature of sexual attraction is under attack.

Matters have escalated in the last few years, therefore the message has to be carefully crafted and delivered loud and clear.

Whether you’re energized and empowered or haunted by the truth, it must be brought out into the open and dealt with before it is TOO LATE for us as men and the women who are cheering us on.

This time there are no guest experts in the core program…not only by popular demand, but because literally nobody else is bearing this message.

It’s everything I dare not print in my newsletters because too many people can’t handle it, too many people aren’t ready for it and too many people flat-out can’t believe it.

It’s the #1 indicator of whether a man will be successful with women or not, and second place isn’t even close.

I’m talking about confidence, of course, and this groundbreaking audio program will empower you to an almost surreal level.

Discover the disarmingly simple steps to bold, bulletproof, “supernatural swagger” that have been hiding in plain sight all along…and from this day forward, take women’s breath away in the best way possible.

This audio is where I reveal the shocking personal power mindset I developed a couple of years ago that has been transforming guys I’ve coached ever since.

This catalyst for almost instantaneous yet unwavering boldness releases you to stand up for yourself and live a blissful life with women forevermore. (Hint: Hollywood’s leading men almost always portray this mindset, and women LOVE them for it.)

If you’ve ever found yourself believing that women have all the leverage and control in relationships, you’re about to discover the indisputable counter-intelligence you’ve been looking for.

Far too many guys are crippled by shame and…