Fear of Flying Phobia – Takeoff Today! Get Your FREE Fear of Flying Report and Overcome Your Flying Anxiety

The Takeoff Today program will help you better understand your experience of flying, cope with your anxiety or even panic on board the plane, and put your fears behind you. Use it to tackle your fears and discover how to fly in comfort and confidence."

Take just a minute and imagine you’re on board an airplane, going someplace you’re really looking forward to visiting. You’re relaxed and comfortable in your seat, with a calm, quiet mind when you notice that you’re actually enjoying the peace and quiet of the flight. You hear the steady ‘whoosh’ of the engines and find it soothing, like the sound of waves breaking randomly and steadily on the ocean shore. What used to cause you so much stress and anxiety has become something you actually look forward to as a time for you to let go and just be at peace.

You look out the window and see the crisp blue sky and puffy white clouds far beneath you, and you remember sitting in your chair and first reading these words – when I told you that your next flight could be different – and you smile to yourself as you realize that this moment, RIGHT NOW was when flying began to change for you…

Keep reading and in the next few minutes you’re going to learn how you CAN overcome your fear of flying and why I believe you only need to do two things to make it happen…

I was terrified of being up so high and feeling claustrophobic and trapped – of having no way to escape that cramped metal cylinder six miles above the ground. I worried about crashing and never seeing my family again, and I just couldn’t bear to endure those awful feelings of anxiety for as long as a flight lasted. What if I needed to get off?

I tried everything. Anti-anxiety medications, drinking before the flight, therapy, books and tapes, but nothing seemed to work like I needed it to.

I eventually worked up the courage to get on a plane, and it was actually WORSE than I imagined! Everyone else on board just sat there reading their magazines or doing crossword puzzles, and I was filled with absolute terror before we even left the ground. It didn’t seem fair and it made me even more frustrated that no one seemed to understand how powerful my fear was.

Even before the flight, I was filled with anxiety that interfered with my work and life. I’d have nightmares and trouble sleeping, and my days were filled with repetitive negative thoughts I just couldn’t seem to control. The days and even weeks prior to a flight were completely ruined by my fear of flying, but once I got on the plane, that’s when the REAL trouble started.

As soon as the wheels would come off the ground, I could feel the chemicals surge into my brain as the fear took hold…