Forbidden Patterns – The October Man Sequence and more!

NEW For 2009/2010: Two Minute Trust – Get her to trust you fast and catch multiple shortcuts with the power of storytelling Fantasy Installation – Convince women that you are their fantasy man after you say these simple words! Satan’s Power – Meet a religious girl? Turn her "God" into a maniac and watch the religious influence disappear… Boyfriend Annihilation – This goes beyond the normal "Boyfriend Destroyer" and is even more insidious Block Destroyer – Have competition? Not any more! This story reaches inside a woman’s mind and obliterates anyone else trying to get her attention RISK – a simple, 4-step system for delivering patterns. Forget all the "guru" advice about the 99 things you need to do when delivering patterns – just remember these 4 and you’ll do great Pleasure and Pain – Link her greatest feelings ever… to you!