Joe Rubino’s Relationship Coaching Certification

59 percent of marriages for women under the age of 18 end in divorce within 15 years. 60 percent of marriages for couples between the ages of 20 and 25 end in divorce.

A recent study on cohabitation concluded that after five to seven years, only 21 percent of unmarried couples were still living together.

The Annual Review of Sociology says… Forty percent of couples who live together break up within that same time period. Children of divorce have a higher risk of divorce when they marry, and an even higher risk if the person they marry comes from a divorced home.

One study reported by the Journal of Marriage and the Family found that when the wife alone had experienced a parental divorce, her odds of divorce increased to 59 percent.

As a Professional Certified Relationship Coach, you will possess the knowledge to support your clients to resolve impasses, establish more harmonious ways of interacting with each other and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Many people study this program simply to gain the life-altering relationship tools that can support them to enhance their own relationship with their spouse or significant other.

Others who learn the effective relationship principles taught by acclaimed life and self-esteem elevation coach, Dr. Joe Rubino can become certified by the Center for Personal Reinvention® upon demonstrating their mastery of the materials presented in this acclaimed self-study program.

Many additionally go on to learn the powerful marketing strategies that can teach you how to make from $60 up to $150/hour as a certified relationship coach!

Perhaps you are currently experiencing a crisis in your relationship… or perhaps your relationship is simply less than totally intimate and satisfying… Or maybe you want to assist couples who are experiencing relationship challenges to learn the secrets to restoring harmony, trust and renewed love and commitment to their relationships…

When you understand what it truly takes to create that special, dream relationship and you simply start listening, behaving, and communicating in an entirely new way that is both far more effective and in alignment with the sort of relationship you want, you can begin to instantly see changes in the way your partner sees you and treats you.

Those who possess this level of understanding and who can teach it to others are in tremendous demand in our world today where infidelity, mistrust, anger, and despair characterize far too many relationships!

Ever since 1991, I’ve been coaching thousands of people to be more effective in their communication and in their relationships.

I’ve personally witnessed the MAGIC that results when couples begin to follow some very simple principles that result in establishing an entirely new tone in their relationship and a new way of seeing, honoring and interacting with each other.

I’ve seen how these small changes can turn a troubled relationship around and restore that loving feeling that once existed between two people but somehow became lost in time as bad habits and sloppy communication wreaked havoc, threatening to destroy the love that once seemed so inevitable.

I’ve also witnessed countless examples where traditional marriage counseling has failed miserably – simply because these critical principles were ignored or minimized.

During these past two decades plus, I’ve coached thousands of people, showing them EXACTLY how to change the destructive patterns in their relationships, so that they can restore the love and romance that they so desperately longed for.

I’ve seen cold and distant partners be revitalized with the hope that comes when they see their significant other in a different light… because they NOW understand how they had been unconsciously sabotaging their relationships because of "who" they were being!

And if you are experiencing your own relationship challenges… Or simply want to learn the rock-solid principles that will promote a warm, loving, and lasting, respectful relationship, I can help you do the same.

Or perhaps you’d like to join our team of light-bearers committed to the successful relationships of others…

You see I realized a few years ago that I could not personally realize my vision of impacting the lives of 20 million adults and 20 million children by myself…

So, I set out upon a mission to teach others the same life-changing principles I have used in my own coaching practice since 1991. My vision is to create legions of self-esteem coaches, life optimization coaches, and relationship coaches who in turn, can teach these principles to others and impact more lives!

Over the course of the past nearly three decades, not only have I experienced how implementing certain simple "Dream Relationship" principles have transformed cold, unrewarding relationships to loving, nurturing ones…

When I’ve followed them myself, my own relationship has worked magnificently… and when I’ve forgotten and reverted to previous habits, I’ve got to once again witness the damaging effects!

In a few minutes, I’ll share with you a couple of these principles and how taking them on can make a world of difference in how your partner or spouse responds to you…

Starts to put you first over his/her friends, hobbies, or interests because they now truly WANT to spend more time with you

Responds to you with loving respect and a return to far greater intimacy – even when these may have been missing for far too long from your relationship

– or imagine as a life-impacting relationship coach, how you can impact the lives of others just by sharing these principles with them!

"We had tried everything. Three marriage counselors, our rabbi, friends – nothing worked. I actually think the counseling drove us further apart. When I saw an ad for the Dr Rubino’s Relationship Coaching program, I figured, "What do I have to lose?" I can tell you that your program was so simple but it made so much sense. I started to watch my angry, nagging mouth (which drove my husband, David crazy) and things started to quiet down. I added a new principle a week…