Rise of The Phoenix – Global Seducer

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A girl — or series of girls — said something cruel that pushed the button of their greatest insecurity.

They know their game could be better … and they’re sick of settling for girls that aren’t up to snuff.

If you take a good looking guy with the exact same game as an average looking guy, women will choose the average looking guy every. Single. Time.

Science has proven female birds are attracted to a male bird with a long tail because it hinders his ability to survive.

He has to drag that thing around … predators can snatch him by it … and it generally makes his life more difficult.

When you have game despite having average looks — or despite having some kind of “defect” — girls will be 10 times more attracted to you.

“Screw it. I don’t have to be perfect to be a champion. In fact, when I accept my imperfections, then I’m even more of a champion.”

Denying their true selves to be another pick up artist clone … and hiding faults…