Celestial Inspiration – Angelic Guided Path CB

You bumped into this page because you realized nothing is working out with your library of Law of Attraction books and tools. 

Trust me I know how frustrating it is to set your expectations high and believe that finally you’ll be living the life of your dreams but in reality you are living exactly the opposite. 

It is your low-level thoughts, energy and feelings of disbelief that is blocking you from receiving what you desire. 

According to Dr. David R. Hawkin’s levels of consciousness, a human spectrum of vibration can range anywhere from 0 to 1,000.  

Although, they have some power to change themselves but it requires them to stay in that state consistently. 

A perfect example of this are the enlightened masters like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Vishnu to name a few. 

Therefore it is beyond doubt that Archangels is the highest way to stay connected to a higher vibration that you will always have access to. 

The Archangels will be ecstatic to prosper you with great wealth, long and healthy life, everlasting love, inner peace and divine purpose.  

The reason why you are still not financially blessed right now is that you have money blocks that are hindering you from living abundantly. 

She has tried the Law of Attraction techniques but she failed many times in many different instances. 

One day, for the lack of any choice she tried Angelic Guidance. But this decision has changed her life forever. 

Since that day, she relied on angelic guidance and noticed that her income has doubled until abundance just flow in her life easily and effortlessly. 

She no longer feel embarrass or guilty and she welcome money and abundance in her life knowing that she deserve it and more.  

She has finally removed all her money blocks and most of all; she was able to help other overcome theirs.  

We can help you attain good health, great relationships, lasting happiness and overflowing abundance like Lydia, because that’s what we do. 

We are workers of the light who change the world by inspiring others through daily angelic inspiration, angelic meditations and angelic affirmations that is designed to awaken the spark that lies within each and everyone of us. 

We have worked with thousands of individuals whose lives have been touched and have found their inner power and lived to their full potential.  

This guidebook is the most important book you’ll ever need to discover how you can connect with the vibration of angels and manifest great wealth, better relationships, improved health and clarity in your life’s purpose. 

Not only that, contained in this e-book are angelic prayers, angelic meditations, angelic dreams and powerful angelic affirmations that work better than normal law of attraction tools and stuffs. 

Inspired by celestial beings and written with you in mind, you will find not 1, not 2 but 15 Archangels who will prepare you for reclaiming your birthright and claiming your divine blessings. 

The guidebook contains engaging and enlightening information that can greatly help you understand the roles of Angels and how they serve the humanity especially on fulfilling divine mission, prosperity, protection, health, love, abundance, comfort and clarity of life’s purpose.  

In each chapter, you will come to know more about the angels’ specific energy, strengths and characteristics so you will know how to spot them, connect with them and ask them for help in different situations, needs and petitions.  

Example is when conflicts among friends abound, call on Archangel Raguel to help you see the beauty in others and not the pain they caused. He is a messenger of harmony and he brings forgiveness, peace and calmness to everyone who asks for it.  

On the other hand, calling upon Archangel Raphael for healing is like calling a celestial doctor who doesn’t require you to wait in line. He freely and lovingly dispenses his healing energies and all he requires is your permission to allow him to intervene.  

If you are someone that needs guidance and blessings in areas like conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births as well as raising strong, healthy children, Archangel Gabriel is the ‘go to’ angel.  

Ultimately, call upon Archangel Michael if you ever feel lost in life, to shine a light for your God-given path and provide you guidance so that you will never be lost when it comes to making life-changing decisions that will affect your future.  

Speaking of losing track, you will also be guided through the art of using meditation and angelic affirmations to open your intuition and receive the celestial beings’ divine blessings and guidance towards fulfilling your mission and purpose.  

That said, you’d be able to uncover the key to a truly fulfilling and purpose filled life, enjoying good health and lasting relationships!  

We will also give you specific angelic prayers for prosperity, health, better relationship and happiness. These angelic prayers will work as mantras, the more you use them, the more it changes your internal state – your subconscious.  

Also, the angelic meditations contained in this guidebook will help you focus your monkey mind and help you to have better focus on a higher vibration as it process your mental state for the positive.  

It will also inspire angelic dreams that will help you improve inner knowing and clarity as angelic dreams serves as sacred portals where we receive powerful messages from the Divine Source.  

Lastly, the angelic affirmations contained in this guidebook will work better than normal affirmations because it invokes the power of angels hence, you are allowing them to do the work for you rather than you do the work yourself.  

Listening to this audio will automatically connect you with a choir of Archangels and raise your vibration up to the highest vibrations. 

All you need to do is put on your headphones and you will be immersed in the bliss of celestial beings. 

As you close your eyes, you will enter into a very special place and time with…