Iron Condor Course

A number of years ago I signed up for an online advisory service that showed me how to trade Iron Condors.

See – the advisory service I was with gladly taught me what Iron Condors were and told me when to put them on – but what they didn’t teach me was why we put them on when we did, why we selected the strikes we did, and most importantly – what to do when things went wrong.

I found out too late that to be trading Iron Condors successfully, not only do you need to have a good understanding of this strategy from beginning to end – you also need to have a good understanding of the most important part… .

Take it from me – if you don’t really know what you’re doing when you’re trading Iron Condors – then there’s really no point in even trading them – because eventually you’re going to wind up giving back all the profits you earned – and then some.

To have long term success trading Iron Condors, you need to have a good understanding of the entire A to Z process involved with trading this strategy –

You need to have a good ‘management plan’ in place – know WHEN and WHEN NOT to hedge – and how to ‘correctly’ make .

You need to know the RIGHT TIME to get out of a trade so you can make the most possible from a trade without giving back all of your profits.

And of course there’s more – but the bottom line is this: To make this strategy work you need to have a complete and solid .

A Simple, Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow, IRON CONDOR BLUEPRINT – developed for both the BEGINNER and SEASONED Option Trader in mind.

A DETAILED PLAN that will TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and show you how it’s possible to generate a CONSISTENT INCOME – in TODAY’S MARKET.

Requires MINIMAL Time To Manage – it’s possible to manage these in as little as 15 MINUTES PER WEEK.

Can use the SAME UNDERLYING EVERY MONTH – So You Don’t Have To Waste HOURS and HOURS of Time Researching Stocks Trying To Find The ‘Perfect’ Set Up. Instead, we just ‘Rinse and Repeat’.

Has CONCISE and CLEAR CUT Trading Rules – and JUST A FEW OF THEM – Which Can Easily Fit On Just 1 Page.

The Original Iron Condor Strategy Guide that teaches our ‘Extremely Easy to Trade’, ‘Simple to Follow’ Iron Condor Trading System to Generate Consistent Income.

The Simple Step-By-Step Instructions used to Enter, Exit, and Manage an Iron Condor Trade – from Beginning to End.

An Adjustment Technique that can actually help make MORE money then what was planned on making when the trade was first put on. When I use this I almost WANT a trade to go against me!

When and at What Strikes I put the trade on every month for the highest probability of success. Once I learned this I canceled the subscription to my Iron Condor Service and stopped paying them those fees. I didn’t need them anymore!

A Trick I use to Cut My Iron Condor Downside Risk by almost HALF without destroying my Maximum Profit Potential.

Variations of the Iron Condor that you’ve probably never heard of before. There are actually a number of different types of Iron Condors and you will be amazed by what each one can accomplish.

. Along with teaching how to properly…

These are the ‘Secret’ Iron Condor ‘Tricks’ that NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE IS TEACHING – that can be used to significantly improve a trades overall perfomance.

This ‘Iron Condor Trick’ allows me to bring MORE PREMIUM into my trade – WITHOUT putting me at risk of a LOSING POSITION.

In the risk graph above, note how we’ve ‘boosted’ – or ‘stair-stepped’ more premium into this trade – INCREASING our overall TOTAL PROFIT POTENTIAL.

Meanwhile on the upside we’ve ‘Locked In’ Our Monthly Profit Goal and are now trading WELL ABOVE the ‘Zero’ or ‘Break-Even’ Line.

Most Iron Condor Traders will wait until a position is in trouble before they even start to think about making adjustments – however there are some really Simple & Super Effective ‘Tweaks’ that can be made to an Iron Condor early on in the position.

This module explains these ‘Pre-Tweaks’ and how to apply them – helping to make future potential ‘trade management problems’ much easier to deal with – while at the same time setting a position up for potentially much bigger gains.

This Iron Condor ‘Trick’ is probably my favorite – as it allows a way for me to GRAB ADDITIONAL profits WITHOUT fear of giving up my gains.

It’s basically a way for me to MAKE MORE MONEY (and sometimes A LOT MORE MONEY) – AFTER I’ve already made and ‘Locked In’ my ‘Profit Target’ for the month.

Well this ‘Trick’ gives me the opportunity to Make Additional Profits – even ‘CASH IN BIG’ – while still being GUARANTEED a Great Monthly Return.

Go back in time with us over this past year and follow along as we ‘put into practice’ the methodology taught in the course…

This Module shows a unique way to take advantage of moves in volatility to grab SUPER QUICK 1 DAY PROFITS.

A lot of option traders think of Iron Condors as these somewhat slow ‘lumbering’ trades that take a good amount of time to finally ‘give up’ their profits.

It IS possible to make returns of 10% – 20% – even 50% – in EXTREMELY SHORT PERIODS OF TIME – like 1 DAY – and this module shows how to do it. .

This Module follows an Iron Condor Case Study Trade through the ‘Biggest’ stock market crash/decline we’ve had since the 2008 Financial Meltdown.

HOWEVER – if you apply the ‘right’ Iron Condor Adjustment at the right time – it IS possible to walk away from a move like this with little to NO losses whatsoever.

IN FACT – as this training module shows – when the right adjustment is used, a stock market crash like this CAN wind up producing a HUGE, WINDFALL PROFIT – one that’s…