Real Asset Investment

I train in many ways of marketing, plus other things, and the following are samples of what is in the back office. This $7.50 product allows you to resell it for 60%, and allows you a taste of an even bigger product that Greg offers.

Traffic Exchange Explosion – As an Internet marketer, in this product I show you ways to increase traffic and build an online presence, especially as it pertains to our Traffic Exchange Strategy – a simple but not the only method to earn a fortune online through my mentoring. You get this very website with your own click-link to it, and you get 60% (of $7.50) every time you resell it in your own traffic exchanges. My road map to set it up and how I sell it in traffic exchanges is in the back office, plus many exchanges are there that I use too. The cost of this product is $7.50 and just 2 sales creates commissions of $4.50 x 2 = $9. Getting the mentoring helps in the back office can increase your conversions dramatically. The cost of a modest coffee shop lunch ($7.50) is all you need to move ahead, and you can use our products to increase your wealth, creativity and build connections for success. This is a single level reseller system.

Huge Bonus: The entertainment industry is undergoing a paradigm shift thereby leveling the playing field for the little guy or gal who aspires to create something for showbiz.

Netflix Fact: Did you know that Netflix set aside $8 Billion in 2018 to secure and buy new content? Read about it here! Are you creative? Could you use great advice and mentoring? (All links open in new windows, you won’t lose where you are at)

You Tube Fact: Did you know that Ralph Macchio and William Zabka (the blonde Cobra Kai actor and nemesis of Daniel Larusso) of Karate Kid fame star in a resurrected story of The Karate Kid and this series is airing on YouTube in a new service YouTube has to air original content and allow you to earn sponsor commercial fees directly? This bypasses conventional movie and TV studios and companies. See a video trailer here!

As a creative entrepreneur and published author, I share a bonus of my Creative Wealth & Entertainment Newsletter which comes to you by subscription in email. This is totally unique online. I show you how to bring out your creativity, how to outline and set up a literary work, how to work with screenplays and novels, how to find agents and what to do and not to do with Netflix and other firms and how to move ahead for success. I also discuss making low budget movies, and I have worked with producers and directors of small works as a funder. Anything is possible for you to do if you think outside the box. Inspiration, motivation and knowledge.

As an investor and funding broker, I show you about business plans and business summaries of your ideas, and how to be funded, what investors are looking for, as well as how to watch for ideas of others and get them funding and you get a brokering fee.

As a long time real estate broker, I show my students ways to find and flip fixer properties, and do so with little or no cash, and even with poor credit. I am actively involved in the real estate investment market myself. There are deals out there still, and knowledge is power. I will have information in here to enrich your knowledge level.

As a precious metals investor, I show you ways and methods to find silver and gold, cheap, and help you get a needed perspective in that area. We show you how to collect scrap gold and silver for melting down to bars for your investment portfolio.

As a stock Investor, I show you how to run your own investment program, using online firms to trade and I show you how to find the best stocks, and ones about to explode in the market place. I also show you how to get "forever stocks" which you buy and forget and enjoy monthly dividends on providing you retirement income for life.

As the writer of The Money Steward blog, I show ways to build income and wealth and teach success and wisdom from a Biblical perspective. Each of us is a steward of our wealth and possessions, and good stewardship is how to grow everything, including your income.

Another Bonus: Included in this product is "How to Seek Out, Set Up and Market Your Own $2 or $3 Internet Product and sell Thousands of Them!"

Also in this product, I show you how to build your own blog with plenty of philosophy on blogging. There is an audio where I instruct you in blogging.

Incredible Project from Greg Nichols: Purchasers and lookers at this project may join a team system at Traffic Wave where we rotate you for referrals and you have an opportunity to enjoy their product and earn up to $88,582 per month. They have an amazing 3×10 forced matrix and it costs very little. Much free mentoring goes along with this team strategy called The 12th Power.