The Wealth Switch

The Wealth SwitchBest Part: Everybody Has A Mental Abundance Trigger Like This — It Causes Massive Wealth Breakthroughs In Your Life, And Is Astonishingly Easy To Activate Once You Know How…

AND EVEN BETTER – you’ll get immediate digital access, so you can get started in the next 10 minutes or less!

…and it’s a little controversial, but please stick with me for a moment, because I promise it’ll be worth it.

Who’s this guy with Sir Richard Branson? You’re about to find out… you’ll also discover how he went from dirt broke to working with Billionaires…

A lot of people – – most people, in fact – – are simply not ready for the kind of wealth and success this can trigger.

But if you are — if you’re one of the few people that can use a secret like this for good, without getting consumed by greed — then what I’m revealing here can unleash an avalanche of dreamlike abundance into your life.

Well, firstly because I’ve spent my fair share of time with the world’s hyper-wealthy — the "1%" the rest of us are always reading about…

… and secondly because when I started copying people like that I quickly built my first million-dollar business. (It took just 3 months).

Did you notice the picture of that hairy guy below and Sir Richard Branson? Well, that’s my friend, the Millionaire-maker Tellman Knudson. Believe it or not, Sir Richard was the ring bearer at his wedding — he even got married on his private Caribbean island.

This lets them detect money and opportunities with almost magical precision… and so they uncover profitable new situations all the time.

They’re so good at it you could strip them of all their assets and money and they’d start over immediately without missing a beat. They’d home in on the correct path almost automatically, and right away be showered with astonishing new opportunities.

It’s almost like they have some kind of "sixth sense" and they’re reacting to things the rest of us can’t see.

In the same way you tie your shoes a certain way without thinking or make coffee just how you like it…

… these people were simply doing what they’d always done — making sharp decisions and pouncing on every new opportunity they spot.

You see, their years in business, years of being decisive and multiplying their incomes over and over had honed their instincts.

They don’t even realize they’re making brilliant, wealth creating decisions most of the time — they’re just doing what comes naturally…

So I want to help you harness that kind of power today by letting you shortcut years of practice and repetition and instead download these habits directly into your brain.

To do that, I put together a hugely powerful hypnosis session, created by my friend Tellman Knudson, the world renowned Wealth Hypnotist…

Not only is Tellman a self-made millionaire, he’s also a certified Hypnotherapist and one of my most trusted family friends. He’s given me the gift of a wealth mindset, and it changed my life for the better almost overnight. 

… it’s jam-packed with exactly the kind of suggestions and associations your subconscious can use to activate your Inner Wealth Switch the same way successful people have already activated theirs.

And this means you can instantly take advantage of the incredible wealth and abundance these people live with on a daily basis — just by listening to this session.

So keep reading, because I’m about to reveal how you can get your hands on this EXPLOSIVELY powerful session and see results before bed!

Those life-changing suggestions and associations get embedded deeper and deeper into your powerful subconscious mind each time…

You see, if you rewind my life just 10 years, you’d find a confused young guy with no clue about making money, who worked long hours and still had to borrow money from his parents to pay the rent.

Within a year I had my first $5,000 day. Within 2 years I was running my own business… And I was earning more than I ever imagined I could… 

I used to work late-night shifts at the greasy spoon downtown, scrubbing dishes and burning my forearms with splatters from the deep firer until 2:00am.

Working with Tellman opened up a whole new part of my brain. It’s like I found a new way to see the world, and as soon as my eyes were opened, the money flowed freely.

I suddenly found myself making incredibly astute decisions in my life, and having staggeringly profitable business ideas.

It was almost like I had some kind of automatic programming in my brain — I was doing all this amazing stuff, but without even really thinking about it. I was running on pure instinct, and making the right call every time.

You see, the honest truth is that when your wealth switch is unlocked, you really are different from normal people. 

And it really doesn’t matter whether you want to start a business and become your own boss or if you have a job you’re happy to stay at.

I want you to know that within a day or two of listening to your hypnotherapy session on prosperity, my finances took an unexpected and amazing turn for the better. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted and it’s a whole new beginning for me. I had already started working on my attitude to money before the session, but I sense that you helped to really shift something! 

After only 2 days of using the hypnosis sessions 3 more persons called to say they will be attending class I am teaching in April in Ohio, including one of my mentors!! I also started immediately looking at possibilities to utilize current assets in new and creative ways.

I went with one of my singing pupils to The Entertainers Club in Dunedin tonight and I was asked to join one of the groups who perform regularly at the club. That’s been a goal of mine for a… Read more…